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Bradford , Vermont
January 13, 1982     Journal Opinion
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January 13, 1982

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Page 2-The Journal Opinion-January 13, 1981 I orch2es Library is sp 0 " " " " I and " Youth Bradford nsorln00 ta Ks, films on. topics BRAI)l"()f{l) - The Bradford attthor "Yankee Politics in which the women give to their whcther Vermont should Ill(&apos; Vcrnmnl Law School in S. l,>'n llaas at 222-9610 for mot'( i Entertainment ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,, ..,.,, ,,:,..,,o,,... w,., ,,, on on,,,n,00aio ,..,,,., ,.. c,,o,,.,,o., of ",,:,,',,,,, ,.',,,'-,:,,,,,,, o, ,o o,pr00 evening lfumanities Program "A'hy Stick With Town stress they experience froma farn)hmd h)non-agricultural Therc is no cost for at- i)d('r(,st in these or othd scries with speakers or films Meetings." l)r. Bryan, universal bond between them tlseg will be covered by lt'nding any of these sessions, topics-activities you woul La ampshd rksh00-op recewe, ,o00o,.or ,'omen. A ,,ichard Brooks of the and h,(lividuals are invited to ,ikcti) see sponsored at thi" l)olitical Science at UVM, will discussion will follow the l,'nvironmenlal Law Center at :it(end one or ;Ill of them. Call library. e we grant x,i)i,t(,n'stlm value Ofrelationshipl(,wn meelingS.to provide timelv insight into this shoxvingo!tbefihn. NEVv'BURY- The Newbury Anyone interested in at- Vi(,{slanl veterans, women's early March institufion. Two sessions, in March . Volua)f Club will sporlsor a tending should call 802-866- ttANOVER-- The Ne\\;v r()h, in history, and farmers in A filnl by Dorothy Todd of again address our lives here in cut ;)nd punch paper lamp- 57)(xiboforeJan. 20. ltampshire Youth Orchestra Vet'nlonl. The Thursday night Montpelier entitled Verniont. On March It, Joan '- shade workshop for all area ........................ has received a grant of $6,000 series of five sessions begins "Warrior's Women" will be Aleshire. a poet who lives and r(,sidcnls on Saturday, Jan. 23 from the New Hampshire .hm. 28 at 7:30 in the Library shon on Feb. 25. This film orks in ('ultingsville, will ,t 1 :(x) pnl. ORFOllD ('IIUR('II Commission(in theArls. )'(,;iding r(x)m, docuntents lhc far-raching read and discuss about twenty The workshop will be taught MEETING "We are pleased to have Mary Kelley's topic on Jan. inlplicalions which several poems by international as well by Ruth Simpson of Mont- ()lIFt)Ill) The annual received lhe grant al this time 21/ is "in ,":,(,arch of Our w(,Imen face in their daily lives as h)cal poets written about pelter, VI. and will be held at )uceting of Ihc Orford of federal and state cut- Foreniolhers: Women's as partners or ex-parlners of h)neliness and solilude as part the NewburyChurch Vestry. ('ongregalional Church willbe hacks," said Dr. Rodger I';xl)('rienccs and Roles A Vietnam veterans, the of the human condition. The cost will be $5.50 plus h(,Id on Thursday, ,Jan. 14 in Weismann, president of the ('('tlltlry Ago." l)r. Kelley, enormous amounls of support (in March 25, the issue of the (:()st of tnalerials (about Ihechurrhvestryat7:'0p.m. board of trustees, "although it fro,u the l)epartmenl of - III I II I I1- $ eli. Advance registralionis A supper will bescrvedat 6:00 is lessthanthe$10.500wewere Ilish)ry tit I)arlmouthCollege, required, p.lu.i)riorlolhenleeting awarded last year. With a uill discuss 12 19th century In these times of high inflation l! I)ireel budget of $125,000 to raise, we ritel-s ho were the firsl shall be depending more on t)(,st.selling novelists of their Flanders Travel offers you salvation. . ! ? Ilepre private foundations, cor- lime. She will focus on the -" I Illlnp ix)rations, and individual orld's response to them and As wework to getyou there ,Available : contributors." on their own difficultic's" of The annual fundraising seeing themselves as public We always seek the lowest fare.  tiller campaign by the New figures, l tllli] isHampshire Youth Orchestranow in progress. ,,n l.'el,. II. Frank Bryan. ,(i.i,.iCt=. ,iV / II jIq( Contributions to the state's nonprofit youth symphony are .,J,,, I (' 3 -ri' " ' tax-deductible and may be BRADFORD }e  a '}aaW ,,t ,,.,, sent directly to the New SCHOOL BOARD Hampshire Youth Orchestra, BRADFORD-- There willbe a H Wheeler Professionai Park, P. meeting of the Bradford |20 (ll;JSE lilliIP* (), Box 648, Hanover, N.H Academy and Graded School GLEN( 03755-t)648. Board on Wednesday, Jan. 13 (iOZ') I41--3170 iniately donated at 7:30 p.m, The meeting will t,oUall t Oi== ql bus pro be held at the Bradford ,aoO.(X',Z.O NOR,.W'ICH, v'r. JOl=,,rm,y,W:0 Orford choir Elementary School. Illl $11 $aa. Rrunch 11-5 Peterb0 .... Wells Ri Fundin will rm Of.tl"()IH)VILIE- On the last GRUBBY By Warren Sattler Percent congregation of the Orford |  !?,/6  FOR "r/4E )  k l-.fl" t " t -,- " It aliq Congregational Church will  STARSCOPE ('hurch at the 9:15 a.m. ser- .  . uegan t vice. taare AmBwell j its resi . 1 1 1 Central St. A coml)ined choir will sing  Home fl Woodsville, N. H ;it these services and mem- ,,, . .!. [ applieat mtmilv arc invited to attend, through bars and fi'iends of the com- ..,''  )4 9tf, lldl -- ""','.i" lThere'will nol be a service athe ()rford Sl reet Church ,1' % j  \\;t V. . .. "'-7"d" WEEIK OF: JANUARY 14, 1982 sthepor taU':f :. " " "'' during this lime. " -;.' " ' i-,' j AQU,AdFIIUS -- January 21-February 19 You're surrounded by successful people, and their triumphs rub off d T r a n s t .............. ' Adminis RURAL DELIVERY By A! Smith you. Difference of opinion regarding shared expenses or res of 16(b) Dancing Starts At 8:30 P.M. BRADFORD PLANNING I::T, d'ULIE, " --. I HEY, d'UST A SEOND!F WHAT SIZE :!iiiiiiiiiii::iiii7--WONDEl::Z  sibilities should be nipped in the bud. . grant. DON'T LOOK NOW, "" I YOU TOOK MV !!ii!, SHOES YOU !iiiiiiiiiiiiiii/.,i  WHERE d'ULIE PISCES - February 20-March 20 . receiveC Come Early - Stay Late- Have A Great Time! BOARD BUT A GU',/ e II:IWEAR BRADFORD-- There will be a d'UST WALKED J- :ii iiiililiiiiiiKc"  I IS? FLIES GOT ,n Companion abandons common sense as he/she becomes involved( profit = iiiii:!i!i:ii!ii:ili MONE'# [" highly creative scheme. You, on the other hand, are appointed  vehiel Take Your Favorite Lady Out To Enjoy. meeting of the Bradford OUT Wl'Tl=l t  i !iiiiiiiiiiii!i I/Tl.- J manage finances or handle some other practical task woreaw ,,,,!,i, , ,,, ill i lll Jan. 14 at 7:30 p.m. The . t a  meeting will be held at the Communication from faraway locale brings welcome announc'erjt. Uirill Saturday, ,lau. 1_;*"t Bradford Academy building. " ..... Routine tasks are numerous, and all must be handled responsi/ tar he, Financial gain likely, starting Monday. transpm BI k the Hon SENIOR CITIZENS ._-. TAURUS -- April 21-Mav 22 _ " ac LuNC.EON __ Reflect on past romantic history before gazing too far ahead into t are of t WEIA,S RIVER-. Senior =F=:? future. Short-distance correspondence and travel are rewardingtage.) II l t) 9 Citizens Luncheons are held Household tasks are demanding, sometitr I Ve ve , each WednesdayattheWells !i vehicle GEMINI -- May 23-June 21 I{iver 1.]niled Church of Christ You show a gift for bringing people together, professionally arelderly serving at noon. For reser- socially Loved one is in a mood to ask auestions. Children and old|pers0ns vationscal1757-22, GRAMPA'S BOY L.E_-LT ,___ ....  "'we a For Your Reservations Call Before 7:00 P:M. <\<  ........ , .......   I ':)ET)t', "" "I-i7" ...... < .................... 1"" itdelpera le' ( /"l al)Ortat,( (603) 747-2505 Or 747-2840 GOLDEN GLEAMS , /.ADI.. IV YO{J / / This is your week to shine in a leadership position. Economy is yOiOu r Children need models more /-(;'P )0' 'ffl'"f" 'T"k! l"ll'e" I  NIC-L. Nr / operative word, in money matters and communication, t" ,ew" w .... aide n  imPUlatl than they need critics. CAO   chosen remarks convey more than Iongwi ded speeches. SP0kesnl"' it .LlollephJoubert.   i   LEO _ Jail/,3.Augult, ` " Ge, IlU I I Illl I I Illllll Ill I Work performance may be evaluated now. Being careful and pu Ti.  , ' FIRST TIME VIRGO than tual is mre imprtant than being flambyant Relatives may be leCh" "')'tactful,_ but Augu.t you survive.23.September 22 lfrom'=-mrcn .coups,tbl' With careful planning, you can successfully mix work with pleasurtheir lill iN l lililil Highly upinionated friend or relative becomes easier to live with. PeaShUWt! OFFER -- r "i "- i.z'8> ' ner helps clarify foy ideas. 'and -su NAPOLEON By McBride and Moore UBRA -.September 2a-October 22 laoaSible Plans made late in 1981 need alteration; perhaps an involved party nailai-b f thinking of opting out. Time is appropriate to launch family health i O Glen( provement scheme, i- derly ,, -  tlUarant Oland One of These sco=o- Octolnr 2-November 21 '17," Any news out of the ordinary should be examined. If about to embl, on a trip or launch a key project, it's important that you get more rayette ddly P| I Cu ush and recreation, moss-W, SAGITTARIUS - November 22-December 22 . Not the time to request special privileges. Lots of paperwork, with tl BabyA accent on financial documents. Which is not to say that the week, nimals without lovely romantic moments. " l CAPRICORN - December 23-January 20 " I moment that they're insurmountable. Romance is on the upswin Family problem should be addressed by weekend.  N Just for participating in TWITCH by How Rands BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK j You're reliable, ambitious, prudent, hesitant about taking risks a i ('-,,v-'X<'-',, Ifl:l.lt  ix, 1  (SORR,,It) WEREI thrifty--quitethrifly. This year finds you drawn to offbeat proj, llh,it.- our Portrait Promotionl =-'r...:::_ t t,<o,\