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January 22, 2014     Journal Opinion
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January 22, 2014

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Page I O---JOURNAL OPINION--January 22, 2014 West Newbury Bradford Senior scene Helga Mueller Mitzi Queen Louise Sandberg Bobette Scribner -- (603) 272-4359 (802) 429-2316 (802) 439-5563 1802t 222-5456 NOeL ~w Town news mqueen@fairpoint.net Senior Center has to close due to winter The community mourns the passing Rain and ice. Forty degrees in The Bradford Public Library is ChurchonJan.25from10a.m.to2p.m. weatherconditionsandthedeliveryofhome oflongtime resident Irma Watermanwho ThroughRolandBurroughs, I learned January is not right, but much racer than holding weekly meetings on Tuesdays Many local products will be on sale. died last week at age 87. Condolences ofthedeathofEarlCorlissonJan. 1.Earl the painful 20 below that preceded it. from l0 a.m. to noon, and Thursdays The Orford Historical Society is delivered meals is canceled, an announce- merit will be made on WYKR, 101.3. If in areextendedtoherfamily, and his brother Everett, along with the Eventuallyeventheicyspotsgavein, and from 6 to 8 p.m.regarding the Affordable offeringa GalaEvening beginning at 6 doubtaboutwhatishappening, feeltocallthe Don t miss the 250ta Anniversary Burroughs children, grew up in the town normal walking was possible again. Care Act. Gary Chase, a Certified p.m.atRivendellHighSchoolwhichwill Community DinneronJan. 25, starting at farm area of Newbury. They attended There's been an odd feeling of early- ApplicationCounselor, willbeavailable feature a presentation by Jay Barrett of seniorcenteratthenumberlistedbelow. 5:30 p.m., at the Village School and the one room schoolhouse and graduated spring, whichwasnotmadeanybetterby to help people sign up. Open enrollment 'The Great 1938 Hurricane Hits the OnJan.23atl2:45pxn.followinglunch, registered dietician Mary SaucierChoate will enjoy a delicious dinner and readings fromNewburyHigh School. The Corliss the sad sight of most of the snow being ends on March 31,2014. Upper Valley. The event is free and give a presentation on heart-healthy from the proposed commemorative brothershadrecentlysoldtheirparents gone. However, gentle snow showers The Bradford Farmers Market will open to all. Call 353-9080 for more shopping. update of the Piermont history from home on Halls Lake Road to Art Morris toward the end of the week brought be at the Grace United Methodist information. On the fourth Monday ofevery month 1950tothepresent--allbydonation. who plans to renovate it. Their mother, delicate beauty back to just about beginning on Jan. 27 at 1 p.m., Barbara The proposed 2014 Town budget Jenme Corliss passed away last year at everything. LawareofTheHealthyRhino, ahealthfood will be tared on Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. at the the age of 98. A new world record? On the tb OtdChurchbuilding. ThemusicalgroupHotFlannelwasa morning ofthe Rope Tow Competition East Corin store in Littleton, will lead an informal discussion and share many health tips. Zoning board big hit at the West Newbury Hall on Jan. (also known as the Tow-a-thon) at the The Zoning Board of Adjustment at 10 - 11. The 68 who attended Friday Northeast Slopes, it was raining in and Jane Conner OnJan.30at 1 p.m.,agriefsupportgroup their meeting on Jan. 13 denied the night and the larger crowd of 105 on around Cookeville, but Wade Pierson of (802) 439-6051 willmeetintheHMSClibrarywithFlorence motion for Rehearing by Walter and Saturdaythoroughlyenjoyedthemselves. East Corinth reported on WDEV s janey5646@grnail.corn Thomton. Barbara Donovan of the Board's Rusty DeWees made an appearance "Music to Go to the Dump by" that the Sitback, relaxandputyour feet up. Call decision ofNov. 25 by which the Board bothnightswhichaddedtothejoviality, conditionsontheSlopeswerefantastic. ~ In the sky..One of the sky's most wonderful prizes on display before the theseniorcentertomakeanappoinlmentwith grantedCampWaltWhitman'sapplica- I am sure more would have attended had Prior to the big tow show, Mr. tamiliar constellations rules January's supper. If you have something you Margueriteforafootmassage. tion for a Special Exception permitting the weather been better. I know it kept WDEV himself, Ken Squier, asked skyfromduskuntilneardawn.Orionthe would like to donate, call Janice Thereareanumberofweekdayactivities the Camp to employ additional 22 staff me away but I hearthey will be returning Wade what the current world record for Hunter appears conspicuous in the Thompson at 802-439-5485. at the Horse Meadow Senior Center. On members, this year--I won't miss the next show. thenumber ofpeople on atow rope in one southeast after darkness falls and climbs Steeple lighting for the week of Jan. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, Bone Builders meet at 9:30 a.m. On Tuesdays, the Also, onJan. 13,ataPublicHearing, The Tenney Memorial Library now hourwas, andWade, sounding surprised h ighestinthesou!haroundlOp.m.l.tthen 26isinmemoryofLovedOnes, givenby breakfast coffee shop is open from 8:30 to the Board granted the application by has an online catalog. Visit the website and amused at the same time, answered stanus aoout laaHway to the zenith in the Fenton Family. Michael and Terry Hogan for a Special and click on the "Koha" link to browse with a frank"l don't know!" Wade also Vermont's night sky. Thought for the week. When you 9:30a.m. andtheNifiyNeedlersgoupmeets from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The writers' group Exception under Section V, Section 4 of the catalog, reserve a copy of a book, or saidthattheweatherwould not deterhim Oddball days. Jan. 24 is National have teenagers it is important to have a meets at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Belly Laugh Day. So at 1:24 p.m. smile, dog so that someone in the house is the-Piermont Zoning Ordinance to request books through the Vermont and the other skiers 'because we are throwyourarmsintheairwithreckless happy to see you (Nora Ephron). thereisaBingogameatlp.m.OnThursdays, operate Piermont Auto, a retail vehicle library system. You can also create an Vermonters." dealership, to be located at the lower account; stop by the library to setthis up. Then the broadcast reported how abandon and laugh out loud. Barb has an art class at 9 a.m.; cribbage The square dance at the Hall will be flrst Colin Faherty went up the tow, then Corinth 250. The kickoffevent for -~ ~r -- gamesbeginatlp.m.followinglunch.Every level of the Post Office Building at 15 held Jan. 25 at 8 p.m. There is no his wife (and NES vice-president) Corinth 250 is the Chili Cook-offto be Mooreto receive dayat I l:15a.m.,livemusicwillbeplayed. C hurch S tre et. Almost every day at H M SC, a vegetable, Filing for offices admission, but a donation is appreciated Genevieve Faherty withtheir three-year- held Jan. 25 from 5 to 7 o.m. at the East ~ -- The following offices are up for to cover the cost of the musicians. Of olddaughterCeliabetweenherlegs, and Corinth Congregationa[Church. If you e(lucal[lonnonor saladanddessertareservedalongwiththe othermenu items listed. Amy's chicken and election at the March 11 Town Meeting: course Adam Boyce will be the fiddler/ then Zane, their five-year-old. Half an would like to enter your own fabulous BOSTON--GaryW.MooreofBmdford ricewillbethefeaturedmenuitem on Jan.22; Selectmen, three year term; treasurer, caller and refreshments will be free and hour later Wade reported that 100 skiers chili, have it to the church by 4:30 p.m., one year term; road agent, three year plentiful. I happen to be reading and had gone up, and another half hour later in a crockpot. Or just come and enjoy the willbehonoredatthe 12~AnnualNew on Jan. 23, turkey and potatoes will be term; tax collector, three year term; enjoying Adam's book, TheManfrom the total count was 188. chili;thereisalwaysanamazingvariety. EnglandHigherEducationExcellence served.onJan.24,hamburgerandcabbage moderator, threeyearterm;supervisor Vermont." Charles Ross Taggart. He The broadcast included reports on The menu will also include cornbread, Awards gala on March 7. The New stroganoffand garlic breadis on the lunch of the checklist, sixyearterm; supervisor was the old country fiddler who livedin icy roads in central and northern salad, a beverage and, of course, England Board of Higher Education's menu. Lasagnasoupandtunameltswillbe of the checklist, two year term; trustee of Newbury for 30 years. I feel that I have Vermont, and an ice-caused traffic jam dessert. Vegetarian chili .. ill also be celebration will be held at the Boston servedonJan.27;on Jail.28,achippedbeef trust funds, three year term; and two a connection with Mr. Taggart because on 1-89. Also, Wade's sister Kate called available. Admission is by d,~ation and Marriott Long Wharf Hotel. Over 400 casseroleisfeatured;barbecuedchickenand potatoes will be served on Jan. 29. library trustees, three year term each. hewrotefortheUnitedOpinionwhich onthephonefromNorthCarolina, which allproceedswillgotothebenefitofthe peoplefi'omallsixNewEnglandstates For more information, call(603)787- Any Piermont resident and regis- is now the Journal Opinion. Yes, I was a nice respite from hearing about the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department. are expectedtoattend,includingmany 2539. ### tered voter may file for any of these suppose that's a bit of a stretch, scary road conditions. Corinth 250 logo merchandise will also education, business and government officesattheTownClerk'sOfficefrom Happy birthday wishes to Rev. Theshowendedwithoneofthefnnnybeavailableforpurchase.Anyquestions, leaders. BRADFO~WhenOxbowHighSchool Jan. 22 through 31 on Tuesdays from 3 Steven Seminerio. "hymns" Squier likes to end some of the call Hal Drury at 439-6931 or Jane to 6 p.m., Wednesdays from 10-6p.m., Halls Lake news: This strange showswith. It was "Dropkick me Jesus Conner at439-6051. Eachyear, NEBHEpresents Re- closes due to bad weather, the Orange East andonJan. 31from 3 to 5 p.m. weather has not been conducive for Through the Goal Posts ofLife." Squier Around town. Recent lucky winners gionalExcellenceAwardstoindividuals SeniorCenteralsocloses.Schoolclosings Candidates for school offices may winter sports on the lake. Hopefully askedWadetosingalong, and Wade did. of a one-day pass to Northeast Slopes and organizations that have shown areannouncedinthemomingonWCAX-TV file from Jan. 22 through 31 at the things wfll improve so that folks can get FromtheChief.UnderEdPospisil's donated by Wade and Terri Pierson are exceptional leadership on behalf of Channel3.Atothertimes, anannouncement PiermontVillageSchoolfrom9a.m.to3 out there with their skis, fishingtip-ups, energeticleadership, theFireDepartment TysenSpoonerandKoltonPittman. highereducationandtheadvancement will be made on WYKR radio, 101.3. p.m. The following offices are up for snowmachines, andskates, has made and is making great ECCC news. Feb. 1 features an ofeducationalopportunity.StateMerit All events held at the senior center are open to the public unless otherwise election: School board member, three improvements in both training and ECHOES potluck and Rubble Burns Awardsaregiventorecognizethework advertised. year term; treasurer, one year term; equipment. A new fire station is the Night. The East Corinth Humor. of organizations, institutions or indi- ThenextfootcareclinicwillbeonFeb. 12. school district clerk, one year term; and department's next goal, because the Organization and Enjoyment of Life vidualsineachNewEnglandstate. To make an appointment, call (802)222- stations in East Corinth and Cookeville Society (men's fellowship) invites allmen moderator, one year term. are woefully inadequate. The land on of the community to a potluck supper Moore will receive the NEBHE's 4782. Seniorluneheons CondolencesgoouttotheWhitcher, whichthenewfirestationwouldbebuilt remembering Robert Burns, Scottish 2014 David C. Knapp Award for AARPtaxassistancewillbeginonFeb. Following are the luncheon menus Kennedy, andLibbyfamilies, allhaving has been donated by the Holland family, poet ofthepeopleofthe 18thcentury. trusteeshipandwillsharetheawardwith 17. Call as soon as possible for an served at the Horse Meadow Senior lost love ones over the holiday season, and Roger Martin has donated work to Bring a poem, a potluck offering, and EdwardC.Dupont, formerchairofthe appoinlmentlx~ause slots fill up quickly. The Center inNorth Haverhill for Jan. 23 to We are happy to report that at the clear it. It is located adjacent to the East your beverage 0fchoice. The fun starts at University System of New Hampshire service is to assist people with low to moderate incomes with completing their tax 31: Jan. 23--turkey, potato, vegetable, jan. 13 meeting there was some success Corinth Fairgrounds. 5 p.m. and will be held at the Parsonage, Board. Moore has been the chair of the forms. There is no age limit and it is not dessert; Jan. 24--Hamburg cabbage and plans laid out for February. Some InEd'swords, he and his volunteer adjacent to the East Corinth Fire VermontStateCollegessince2006and necessary to be an AARP member. Stroganoff, garlic bread, vegetable, works in progress inclue the Parks and firefighters' envisionaFirehousethatwill Department on Village Road. has been a member of the board since Preparers have passed IRS exams and are dessert; Jan. 27--lasagna soup, ttma Recreations Committee's weather fitintothelandscapeofourtownthatwe On Feb. 8, the East Corinth 1991. authorizedtoe-filereturns. melts, salad, dessert; Jan. 28--chipped stricken skating rink, Pythian Hall stair can be proud of, andnot a'cookie cutter' Congregational Church will hold a beef casserole, vegetable, salad, des- chair, the buggy painting, the model rail firehouse.Wewilltrytobeas'green'as benefit spaghetti supper and raffle in Moore is the president of the Theseniorcenterisofferingachoiceof sert; Jan. 29--BBQ chicken, potato, road exhibit, and spear ofthe moment funding allows." support of Cooper Pierson and his consulting firm Gary W. Moore tripsthiscomingyear.Thethreechoicesare vegetable, bread pudding; Jan. 30-- random acts of kindness. The skating GPS vs. moose. As reported here family. Cooperwas involvedinavery Associates. He teaches Weapons of Bronson, MO, CapeCodandtheislandsand aked ham, baked sweet potato, park for some time in January is still on, two weeks ago, a group of New York serious auto accident in December and Mass Destruction Incident Manage. Alaska.Onlyonetripwillultimatelybethe vegetable, dessert; Jan. 31--chicken and the group thanks Holly Pike and her City dwellers celebrated the New Year in has a lengthy recovery ahead ot'hifii: ment around: the United States for selection, butmakeyourpreferenceknown. For more information, call Vicky at parmesan, potato, vegetable, dessert, committee for their perseverance to get South Corinth. They left the city late Thesupperwillbeheldatthechurch, TEEX, adivisionoftheTexasA&M (802)222-4782. TheJan. 281uncheon at the Orford the rink ready, afiernoon, got to Corinth around l:30in on Village Road in East Corinth fr0m 5 - University System. Moore is also an OnMondaysat12:45p.m.,PamWilcox Congregational Church will be chicken The group has laid out plans to themoming, andfoundthemselvesloston 7p.m. The menu will include spaghetti instructor for the Vermont Fire and leads a knitting club. OnTuesdaysat5:30 with stuffing, sweet potato, broccoli, deliver to some Warren shut-ins a mini dark back roads while it was snowing with homemade sauce, salad, bread and Police Academies and he currently p.m. at the senior center, there is a Weight potato, pickled beets, and chocolate Valentine basket, hard. Goggle-Map and GPS had not butter, abeverage and dessert. Vegetar- cake. Some group members with the help helped them, which did not surprise one ian sauce will also be available, serves on the Vermont Hazardous Watchers meeting. A computer class for of the after school program at WVS will 0fmy out-of-state readers who is familiar Admission is by donation, with all Materials Response Team. userswith any levelofknowledgemeets on 6tork assemble these baskets. It is hoped to withVe.rm, ont,ssmall_townbackroads, proceeds going to the Pierson Family. Moore had a 22-year career at St. Wednesdaysfroml0&m.tonoon.EasyYai see a home made card, a flower, and Ithinkit sfunnytheyarrivedinthedark Raffie tickets will be sold for $1 each JohnsburyAcademyandduringhislast Chi classes are held on Thursdays at 1:30 O some candy in each basket. The plan and expected that GPS would actually or six for $5. Prizes currently include a 16 years there, he was the assistant p.m. Rep The East Corinth Cribbage Club will be o~t calls for a Feb. 13 deliver date. Anyone pointthemintherightdirection,"shesaid gifi certificate to ln Season in Bradford, headmaster. He is a former commis- meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays attbe that would like to help with making, in an email, "for they would have had maple syrup, a mid-week round of golf at signer of the Vermont Fish and Game senior center. The costtoplay is $2 pernight donating, or delivering may do so by more luck asking a moose." Lake Morey, pizza from the East Corinth DeparUnent and chaired the Vermont and any level player is welcome. A raffle calling the town office at 764-5780. Just General Store, plowing or yard work by Water Resources Board and the drawingwillbeheldonthelastWednesdayof CHELSEA--Jennifer and Kaleb afriendlyreminderthisgroupmeetsonce Dean's Property Maintenance, a fire McCullough, of Chelsea, announce the birth of a daughter; Daenerys (Dany). amonth and all are welcome, extinguisher, reiki and yoga classes, Northeast Association of Fish and everymonth.CallSallyOsgoodat(802)222- The baby girl was born Jan. 6, 2014 at Corinth 250 logo merchandise, and the Wildlife agencies. 5756 formoreinformation. GiffordMedical Center, Randolph. list goes on. Come early to see all the Moorehas servedontheConnecti- Sausagewithgreenpeppersandonions cut River Atlantic SalmonCommission and oven fries are on the menu for Jan. 23; and represents Vermont on the bi-state broccoli cheddar soup, ham salad sand- Valley Floors ConnecticutRiverJointCommissions wiches and crackers willbe served on Jan. 24; on Jan. 27, hamburger gravy, mashed and on the four-state Connecticut River potatoes and carrots are featured. A lunch ValleyFloodControlCommission. buffet will be served on Jan. 28; Fish TOOL SALES SERVICE Littleton, N.H. 1233 Lower Plain, Bradford, VT 802-222-9311 Let Us Help You With All Your Storage Needs. Let me help you save time and money. Protecting more of your world with Allstate makes your life easier. And it can put more money in your pocket. Bundle your policies and you can save even more. Why wait? Call me today. SWENSON INSURANCE AGENCY (800)491-4765 @ "134 MAIN STREET BRADFORD fclements@swensoninsurance.com Allstate. You're in good hands. THE mrLooam Environmentally Auto Home Life Retirement Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Savings vary. Allstate Indemnity Company, Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate Fire And Casualty insurance Company: Northbrook, Illinois 2011 Allstate Insurance Company. Moore earned a bachelor's degree from Lyndon State College, a master' s Dartmouth College and a certifi- cate of advanced graduate study in administration and planning from the University of Vermont. chowder, crackers, veggie subs and biahday cake are on the Jan. 29 menu. A dessert will be served along with lunch every day. Formoreinformationonanyoftheabove, call (802)222-4782. Ground Level Containers Office Storage Trailers 20' - 40' Trailers 28' - 48' 1-800-762-7026 . 603-444-7026 Crossroads Academy Discover the Difference 9:00 am January 3oth & March 4th Please call to register Full Day Kindergarten, Grades 1-8 An independent school in Lwne, NH 6o3.795.3]]"1 betsy.warren@crossroadsacademy.org www.crossroadsacademy.org The Cohase Lions Club has sponsored an Amateur Men's Basketball Tournament for the past 73 years. With regret, we are not able to host a tournament this year due to the lack of participating teams. We would like to thank all the past teams, sponsors and fans who came out and supported this program. Spe- cial thanks go out to the Puffer Family of Broadcasting for their broadcasting and advertising of the games for many of those years. Thank you to those Lions members and vol- unteers who worked many hours to make the games an ex- ceptional event. All the proceeds from this tournament were used to benefit local charities and special programs. The Cohase Lions Club will continue to be generous to those local chari- ties and programs. THANKYOU! COHASE LIONS CLUB O O