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January 22, 2014     Journal Opinion
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January 22, 2014

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January 22, 2014--JOUKlYAL 0t"llVlOl¥---l"age 11 The board agreed to discuss a few the employee does not receive the budgetary items with various department overtime rate for the eight hours worked heads but noted that this budget would be over night, also, it appears that the EDITOR'S NOTE: Selectboard minutes are printed here as a public service, at no cost to the town. Some boards have submitted approved minutes, while others are unapproved. The Journal Opinion reserves the right to edit the minutes it receives for length, to conform with news style, or for legal rea- sons. The board voted to adjourn at 9 p.m. committeel Police Department-accept- approximately $39,000 in delinquent tax able by the board and advisory paymentsandthatthereisstill$90,000out committee; Upper Valley Ambulance- in delinquent taxes. There is a need for Dec. 9, 2013 (APPROVED) close to what is presented in March. employeewouldnotreceivetheadditional determined by population; Fire Depart- $47,750 for Town reserve funds and Thewarnedexecutivesessionmeeting Salary Discussion-Graft raised a eight hours pay at straight rate, butrather ment-The board will address the fire $87,191 to do the highway reserve fund was called to order at 6:30 p.m. at the concern over the awarding of experience the vacation time would be placed back Dec. 30, 2013 (APPROVED) department at the next budget meeting as appropriation. Dana also reported that Town Hall by chair Paul Keenan; other points on the town's salary matrix for into the vacation pool and the employee Attendance: Mike Button, Cynthia theyjustturned inawageproposal atthe Laurie from NEMRC said it appears that members present: Andrew Smith and previousnon-townemploymentexperience, would only receive 40 hours of pay. Masterman, Bill Field, Jack Johnson, beginning of this meeting; Emergency we will get approximately $20,000 in ClaudetteSortino.Invitedattendees:Kyle Graft expressed concern that the Knowltonandtheboarddiscussedsomeof PhyllisHayward, MelissaLathrop, Jane Management-acceptable by the board education taxes refunded from BMU Sipples and MarshaNelson. determining of experience levels for the ramifications of this policy, such as Cushman,Karen Lathrop, Warren and advisory committee; Highway when the state does their reconciliation The board voted to enter executive recent hires was inconsistent with how employees being ineentivized not to take Lathrop Department-Thomson questioned if the next spring. The board did not support session at 6:31 p.m. The meeting was levels had been determined inthe past. vacationearlyintheweek intheeventthat Treas/AA Office at 6:30 p.m. gravel should go out to bid. Adams said borrowingt0placemoney into the reserve recessed and the executive session was The board acknowledge that the they might be called out later in the week. Thisspecialmeetingisbelngwamed that.it was considered sole source and a funds. adjourned at 6:45 p.m. until the regular currentsalarypolicydoesnothavethebest The board also discussed the situation totransactthefollowingbusiness: superior product. This is an ongoing The board received a request from selectboard meeting began at 7 p.m. at the wording for describing the process for when employees are on vacation and are Budget Work-Warren Lathrop ad- discussion with the Road Agent; Street Wade Johnson, chairman of the fire truck Town Office with the same people determining experiential levels into the called in to work. Currently an employee vised the Selectboard that it is time for a Lighting Budget-increased to $7,500; committee, to meet with the board to present along with Richard Fraser, salary matrix. The Board and Cathee who is out on vacation and is called into re-appraisal and outlined the steps to Solid Waste Disposal Budget-acceptable discuss funding approaches for anew fire William Hetu, Holly McLure, Cheryl Clement discussed the original intent ofthe work would not receive overtime or follow and the estimated cost of $75 per by the board and advisory committee; truck. The board agreed to meet with Slayton, Patricia Crocker. policy as it was drafted, holiday pay for that event. The board parcel. The tax maps must be upgraded Landfill Closure Budget-Waiting for Johnson to discuss at their first meeting in Regarding the executive session~ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Extensive decidedtotheseissuesshouldbetakenup for a cost ofbetween $3,000 and $5,000 DuBois & King with rates for 2014; January. Keenan moved that the selectboard sign discussiononthissubjecthasbeenomitted the next time the employee policy is and the Listers desperately need a Animal Control Budget-acceptable by the Lamberton requested that accrued the labor agreement we have worked out here due to space constraints.] regularly reviewedin June. computer upgrade. There is currently board and advisory committee; Health vacation time be considered to show as a with Fred Lakin. Smith seconded the Downey stated that he feels the board Executive session-The board entered $73,300 in the Re-appraisal fund with Agencies Budget-acceptable by the liability in the town budget. General motionanditcarriedwithtwoayesandone has used the matrix system consistently into executive session to discuss a additional money from the State being board and advisory committee; Direct discussion took place on the proper nay. The board signed the agreement, and appropriately. Graffnoted again that personnel issue at 3:21 p.m. The board added annually so this process will not Assistance Budget-acceptable by the handing of both accrued vacation time Holly McLure asked if it will be public she feels the people present when the invited Knowlton to stay. The board exited affect the tax rate. board and advisory committee; Intergov- and sick time for Town employees• It was record. The board said yes. The board had matrixwascreatedweredeniedexperience executivesessionat3:37p.m.Nodecision The board voted to havethe Listers ernmentalWelfareBudget-acceptableby suggested that Dana check with the town contacted an attorney regarding the credit from past jobs and only assigned was made. do the tax map update and move money the board and advisory committee; Parks auditor on the appropriate method to Unifirst situation as recommended by levels based on years of experience. CruiserParking-Police ChiefLanctot from the Re-appraisal Fund to cover the & Recreation Budget-decreased due to report. VLCT. Downey noted that the jobs, while in the joined the board and Knowlton to discuss costs. The selectboard also authorized the CSO not requesting funds from four Brent Smith stated that he could not Treasurer's Copy-The board viewed same field, were not directly equal intitle, possible locations for parking the police Listers to start the search for requests for Rivendelltowns; Library Budget-accept- wait two to three weeks for processing bills and signed orders. The Caledonia Downeynotedthat he does not feelthings cruisers. The board authorized the proposals to hire a contractor to do the able by the board and advisory PUs to support day to day operations. County Sheriff's contract has been would be different if the positions were installation of lights behind the town reappraisalwork. A partialreappraisal of committee; Patriotic Purposes Budget- After a general discussion, it was agreed receivedbuttheboardwouldliketoholdit broughtthroughthematrixprocessagain, garage. until after townmeeting. The clerk will call Tillinghastnotedthat they System was Energy Upgrade for the Town Hall- properties within the floodplain of acceptable by the board and advisory that the motion made at the last meeting Chelsea may be completed for the 2015 Committee; Conservation Commission that allows for a single board signature on toverify, set up to purposely to not be flexible. The Theboarddiscussednextstepsformoving tax year but complete work will not be Budget-decreased; Other Appropria- financial documents would provide a William Hem asked who the new road little discretion that does exist in the system forward with the energy upgrades for the completed and ready to use until the 2016 tions-Delete historical restoration until quick response to any PUs required. foreman is. It has not been decided, lies inthe determining of experience levels. Town Hall. The board and Burst discussed tax year. further information can be gathered• A detailed review of the current year pmThe board voted to adjourn at 7:23 Downey again noted his belief that the ideal times for work to be completed. Yhe Karen Latrop presented her pro- Themeetingadjournedatb:10p.m. budget was completed to identify line • . Board has applied that discretion board asked the board assistant to begin posed budget which included various items which could be reallocated to appropriatelygiventhevariablesaPplied, working on an RFP and to contact the designs, for a Lister computer work support a pay down onthe Police cruiser The board noted that beginning in Energy Committee for advice, station and a Town Clerk work station and loan. The board voted to pay down the ate January, regular meetings would resume ATV Ordinance Review-The board some network designs. Shenotedthat she Policecruiserloan$12,910.Theboardfor at 7 p.m. discussed the ATV ordinance which had some digitization quotes but did not Dec. 19, 2013 (Approved) Dana to make the payment no later than Dec. 30,2013 (APPROVED) Letter from DPW Director-The expired last month. The board discussed present those as the budget is tight Present-Selectboard: Gary Dec. 27. Board reviewed a letter received from the whether they would want to extend it for already. The Selectboard authorized Lamberton, Peter Lyon, Nathan Puffer; The Auditors submitted a proposed The meeting was called to order at DPW Director identifying a variety of another year. The board asked the board Karen to purchase the two work stations Recreation Committee: Paul Berlejung, 2014 budget that totaled $6,835. (The 7:05 p.m. at the town office. Members present: Paul Keenan, Andrew Smith, questions and concerns regarding pay assistant to review the ordinance process, but decided network expenses were not Road Commissioner: Brent Smith; Tox*n 2012 budget was $6,550.). Claudette Sortino; also present: Richard system and human resources processes. Inter-local Town Agreement necessary for this year. Treasurer: RobertaDana, FirstConstable: The planning commission submitted a Theb0ardreviewedtheportionsappropriate Discussion-The board discussed the Waming-Bill Field worked with the Jim Downing; fire department: Wayne, 2014 budget that was $0. (The 2012 Fraser, Richard Hodgson, Holly McLure, for open meeting one by one. current draft of the inter-local town selectboard to review and work on the Dorothy and Henry Knott budget was $2,175.) This submittal was Cheryl Slayton, Regina Hazel, Nelson [EDITOR S NOTE: Extensive agreement regarding the Lake Fairlee wording of the Warning. Field will Yhe meeting was called to order at 7 changedbytheBoardto$500tocoverthe Elder, MarshaNelson. discussion onthis subjecthas been omitted dam. The board noted that Thetford and research the proper language for the p.m. cost of printing throughout the year. Treasurer's Report-The board viewed bills and signed orders. The treasurer was heredueto space constraints.]FaMee expressed positive feedback on the waming to make it work smoother. Purchase orders and warrants were Electionssubmitteda2014budgetof authorized to pay the Kansas City State The board agreed to draft a response agreement. The board noted that the Filing of Permits for Proposed signed. $1,278. (The 2012 budget was $1,400). Bank payment for the fire truck so the email to the DPW Director. current agreement does not bindthe town Garage-Button reviewed the progress Peter Lyon reported that we had The forest fire warden submitted a check could arrive by January 15th. It Executive Session-The board entered to any action, but rather gives the town a made by Dubois & King on surveying and wonderful news in that Butch Gandin 2014 budget of$1,481. (The 2012 budget needstobemailedbeforethenextmeeting into executive session to discuss a seatatthetablewhenthedamprojectdoes permitting 25 East Randolph Road. Jack (GandinBros. Inc). is donating $1,700 for was $1,631) on Jan. 13. She passed out cash flow with personnelmatter at 8:50p.m. The board begin.Theboardagreedtoreviewthenew Johnson and Button are in agreement that granite to be used in the memory wall The tree warden submitted a 2014 changes and balance sheets throughNov, invited the board assistant to stay. language again and possibly approve the they prefer to use a standard septic design behind the Community Building. This budget of $200. (The 2012 budget was Tillinghast left the meeting at 8:59 p.m. language next week. 30. rather than apre-treatment system. DRB donation includes seven separate 4 foot $200.). RoadReport-Therewasadiscussion Theboardexitedexecutivesessionat9:07 Timber Sale Contract-The boardpermits will be submitted to the DRB. longpiecesofgranitewhichGandinwill VTEL has proposed a wireless p.m. The board agreed to follow up on a signed a contract for the sale of timber Personnellssue-ExecutiveSession: sandblast lettering in each piece in communicationfacilityonBrentSmith's about tires. The selectboard went over legalmatter, from the Town forest. phone numbers and callingout for plowing The board voted to enter executive memory of people for donations to the property and the public service board procedures.Theboardsaidit'sajudgment RFP for Auditor-Pomeroy askedOther Business-The board reviewed sessionat9:50p.m.todiscussapersonnel wallproject, would like a town response on this call for the road foreman and Nelson what the status was on the draft RFP for bids for carpentry work at Treasure issue.Exitedatl0:15p.m.withnoaction Jim Downing reported that he has proposal within 45 days. The board shouldn't wait for the board to call him to auditing services. Rogers stated that he is Island. The board authorized a contract to taken, received the portable radio and that it now agreed that it would be best to post a go.outatnight.Nelsonsaidheoptednotto waiting to hear back from VLCT. Rogers replace doors, p mThe board voted to adjourn at 10:16 is being programmed to link with the notice of this proposal to solicit public on Sunday night because it had ice rained alsonotedthatwhileVLCTsuggestedthat Unfair Labor Claim-The board necessary police frequencies. Downing input. The notice will request that any and he thought the snow on top ofthe ice the current auditing firm is regarded as the discussed an unfair labor claim filed "" also reported that he had completed input be provided in time for the board s would be better. Part-time winter help best in the state, the Town may want to ask against the town. The board noted that a research on the requirement for video and meeting in the third week of January. was discussed as was extended warranties foranothersetofeyestowithinthefirmto claimwasfiledbasedonthedecisiontono has been told that there is currently no set The board voted to close the meeting review the numbers. The board agreed longer allow cruisers to go home with date for video being required although its at 10:36 p.m. on trucks and obstacles for plowing and that based on the financial purchasing officers, use most likely would save on court cost mmingaround. Miscellaneous Updates-The board Dec. 18, 2013 (APPROVED) in the long run. Downing said that the I lo andThe Division of Property ValuatiOnReview sent a letter regarding the outtobid.P°licy'theauditingservicessh°uldbeput discussed sever~ updates including Members present: Tom Steketee, videoequipmentthetownpurchasesome certified equalized education property Generators-Rogers reported that the documentation onthe PACEprogram and Anne Duncan Cooley, John Adams; time ago that were removed from a State others present: Cicely Richardson (,]our- Police cruiser were not reliable. Nathan Dec. 23, 2013 (UNA O ) ListerValue tOReginabecomeHazeleffectiVewas Jan.presentl, 2014.and alsoT°WnnotedHall generatorthat the stateiS working.is nmningR°gerSa theRoutelevelpriorities.132 bridge, andTRORC district nal Opinion), David Smith & John Puffer suggested contacting the State PPR VED explained some of the report,program where if the town keeps a log of CLA Number-The board noted that Dunham (Fire Department), Bob Palifka, Police to see if they could help resolve the Present: Bradford Calhoun, Tracy Claudette Sortino is interested in servicing, the state will cover liabilit), ifthe the cooefficicient of dispersion is 4.59 PaulCarrier°,RuthH°9k,T°mTh°ms°n, presenting ajunkyard ordinance at town generator does not work during a percent effective Jan. 1, 2014. Paul Goundrey (Budget Advisory Corn- problem. Downing thought that was a Dexter, Thomas Otterman, Thomas good idea and will check it out. Flannigan; Cynthia Flannigan (Town meeting to get peoples thoughts on sheltering emergency. FEMA-The board noted that funds mittee), Peter Thomson (Moderator), Downing also reported that he had Clerk/Treasurer), Janice Emerson (Ad- ' ministrative Assistant); visitors: Maureen adopting one. She will prepare a clearly At 9:10 p.m., the board voted to from FEMA have arrived. The board Sheri Clifford (Town Administrator) been notified that there was a puppy mill Hurley (Energy Cdordinator) and Peter labeleddraftofan0rdinancetoprintinthe adjourn. , notedthattheywillneedtohaveawamedThe meeting was called to order at intheareaandthattherewasaparticular town reportforcitizens'perusal. The rh--odetfr article t°transferthem°neyfr°mthe 5:35p'm" c°ncemass°me°fthed°gshavebeen Keene(NEKWMDRepresentative) boardvotedto includethedraftinthetown highway fund to the bridge fund. Bob Palifkaaskedwhythe cost ofthe treated by a local vet far parvo which is Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m. report. MY REC-The noard noted that they new cruiser was over the amount voted a highly contagious airborne virus and The board voted to approve minutes on in the warrant article. John Adams often fatal. The person in question lives from meeting of Dec. 9. John Weesner was again kind enough, website.need to write specifications for the new stated that there were grants awarded to just over the town line m Topsham. Visitors-Maureen Hurley presented to send a memorial gift inhis daughter s Dec. 30, 2013 (APPROVED) p m The board voted to adjourn at 4:31 oftsetthe total cost and the monies would Downing stated that he has tried to prices regarding an energy audit of the name to the town. There being no further Present: John Bacon, Donn Downey, .. go back into the fund and the new cruiser contact the animal control officer, has Town Hall. The board does not feel an business the meeting was adjourned at Mike Pomeroy, Stuart Rogers, and Tig total was $5,000 under budget• talked to the officials in To-sham and also energy audit needs to be done at this time. 8:30 p.m. Tillinghast; The board and budget advisorycontacted the humane so~e*-, ' They will arrange for the obvious things to attending: ScottHesser, Selectboard committee reviewed the entire 2014 ......... Y." - -- Jbe done first such as the cracks around wayne anu t~oromy roaot~ suonnrteu . , the ooors ] Assistant; present from the public: Tracy budget worksheet, a proposed 2014 budget for emergency , . • . - taurley reported on an energy Borst, JessxcaEaton, SeanMullen, Kelly The photo copier needs to be services that totaled $61,925 (the2012 . .... Hull. Dec. 17, 2013 (APPROVED) replaced, the board asked Sheri Clifford . a ......¢xl o~ox¥'d^ ~...~..~ conterence sne recently attenuea Attendance-Carol Olsen, Dick to research the cost of owning and leasing • • reter rxeene re orted on the latest accepted thear proposal as it was .. . P . • Dec. 16, 2013 (APPROVED) Donn Downey called the meeting to Rogers, Phillip Mulligan, Mike Button, a new copier. waste district board of superwsors Present: John Bacon, Donn Downey, order at 2:02 p.m. essentially level to 2012. The department .. meenng Mike Pomeroy, SmartRogers; attending: TumaroundatPoorFarm Road-Sean Betty Rogers, Evan Andrews, Jane Administration Budget-Wages and would like to include in the warning for . . , _ mgnway Road Report Iom ScottHesser, SelectboardAssistant. MullenapproachedtheSelectboardabout Cushman, Heidi Allen Goodrich, Howard health insurance was discussed and town meeting a separate line item funding - ,- .. . :, , Otterman upuated tlae noaru on roauworK Donn Downey called the meeting to the tumaround at the end of the class 3 Garrow, KarenLathrop, RickAckerman Cliffordwasaskedtocontactothertowns six outfits that would cost somewhere ........ order at 6:02 p.m. section of Poor Farm Road. Mullen stated Treas/AA Office at 6:30 p.m. to compare what is offered in similar sizedbetwcc,'- ~z,vvue" '~'~'~ --'~ e"~t.u ~J,uuv'~'~'~ cac---h. The'y ana equipment. . , ~,A new plow is neeaeu for. . GIS Support Contract-Tracy Burst that people will park there to go Public Concerns-Tree: A concern towns, m~u~' ..... ~om.m~u~'---~ "~'t.~L mc,t'~'-: ........... ~u.cm y~m tnereatrucK.~neone-tontrucKrecently. . • . o .. . presented the selectboard with a contract snowshoeing or cross country skiing, has been received that the tree decorated Ruth Hook feels employees should be. spenumg ............ wm oe at uL unu~a^" tm~'t': ..... yc,u s ~°urcnaseu. is reauy_ for use.. vower nas oeen installed at the 302 Site for continued GIS services related to the MullenaskediftheDPWwouldconsider intheNorthCommonhasgottentoobigto responsible for a higher co-pay~rate and budget and provided a detailed review of ...... " , , Clerk's office. The board noted that these .plowing out a larger turn around area. decorate. The Selectboard will visit the pay full price for dental insurance. Tom tne ........... cnanges that mey nave maue to .• ~ne, noara. . receweu,, a, request, to,. nelp services were planned for in the budget Downey stated that he did not think it site and consider planting a smaller tree Thomsonfeltthefamilyplanshouldnotbe ....... w~thplowlngtheparKmglotatthesmtow accompnsn mat goal ............ " lopsnam is not equipped to help with the and signed the contracts, wouldbeaproblemandwouldinformthe which can be decorated, offered to employees. Paul Carriero felt PaulBerlejungsubmi~edapropo.sed , . plowing School Bus Turn Around-JessicaDPW director later today. Water Department-Formal Policygood employees should be valued with a 2014budgetfortheRecreatIonCommlttee ." .... Eatonnotedthataprivateroadthatisused Mowing Contracts-Kelly Hull for Temporary Shut Ofts: Mike Button comparable wage and benefit package,of $1,440. (the 2012 budget was $1,490) ...... Driveway PermW. lhe ..... noaru ap- for a school bus turn around may not be approached the boardto express concerns suggested some changes to be made to Paul Goundrey wanted to be fair with Tho hnnrtt nttttott Kz; fl tn tho land¢~t tn provea a permit for rounoauons forestry actively plowed this year. She asked if she about the recent awarding of the mowing clarify some issues. This will be tabled for regards to municipal rates and that the -'" ," ...... "7:" ~'X" ".Y ""7, "~""~"-.L" for a logging operation on Swamp Road. ~-, .,-.~-.-- ~ -~ - ,_ ~,,,~ ~ne culverts will be removed atter the could contact the DPW to plow a small contracts. Hull stated that the winning bid action when a full board is present, comparisons should be made with similar purcnase suDpnes tor me t~ommunltV .......... • logging job has been completed portion of it in the event that it were not does not reflect reasonable professional Budget: The proposedbudget was towns population. Goundrey thought that t~UUulng wnlcn maue it match zu~z. , . . Berlejung also reviewed his suggestion . • ... Driveway Tom Otterman will con plowed. The board noted that she could contractor rates. Hull noted that while the reviewed. The meter replacement money employee contributions should change to that a strategic plan be created for all the : . .- tact George Stone in response to h~s speak with the DPW Director and quality of work of the winning bidder is willbedepositedinthewatersinkingfimd, control the costs. deferred to his judgment, good, the winner does not appear to be a The board will review and adopt at a later Tom Steketee stated that the amount major properties of the town. This would ......... • ' ..... n~- servic'-s hi'~t-w-- pnone Call regaralng nis arlveway lncmoemeemer~c ~.y ~ , F:~u ay, .... .. ,~. ". . The selectboardapprovedthewarrants, full-time contractor, but rather someone date. of insurance is continually changing and and the Community Building. Berlejung ueneralSupen Positions: ~nepoara Mowing Bids-The board reviewed who does this type of work part time. Hull Roads-Budget: Rick Ackerman has the town needs to offer a competitive star^~.~u t'h^'~t with a r,"lan in p"lace coverin"~ all continues to loo~ tor someone. . to nil.the the bids for the mowing of the Town noted that there is a risk of lack of not started budget . benefit package toits employees. Adams the buildings it would be moreproductive, vacancy on the Waits River Vauey Cemeteries and the mowing ofthe Town sufficient liability insurance and ability to TownClerk-Other:KarenLathropis said he was, more interested in the in annlvino for ~rants and obtainin-~ SchoolBoardandfortheopenpositiontor ..... an alternate To sham re resentatwe to greensandlawns.Theboarddiscussedthe hire subs ifthe winner becomes unable to researching digitizing hardware and employee contribution of insurance asslstanceto helnwlthnrmects wlthlnthe~ ....... P. n , P matter and awarded the contracts, perform the work. Hull stated that he felt software to include new deducted from employees pay rather than Communit- Pu~ffer °u~"~'~sted th"÷ ~- ^- the waste Lfismct ~oara of Supervisors. Y. ~ E,~ a~ J~y~t~,. . . . .... Trees Removal-The board reviewed this was disconcerting because he was Site Plan/Garage Design-Evan the type of plan offered. The board o coo-a; .... *~'; .... ;~+,.,~r ........ ~ hanyone is lnteresteo mthese posmons, a recommendation from the Tree Warden assured that all people bidding would be Andrews, PE for Dubois & King,agreed to investigate other health plans ..a_.^wu~....~+~...~.dt~.~;....~^. pleasecallthe~ownt)rnceoramemner o~the ~e~ect t~oara for the removal ofseveral pine trees along professional contractors. Hull also asked if presentedproposedsiteplansfor25East and employee contribution changes, hisongoingefforttosecure'grantsforthe ~, , • ......... the roadside of a residence. The board geographical favoritismplayed a role. Randolph as well as timeline and Town Clerk Budget-acceptable by community corresponaence-~r~ut~:tne~oaru noted that the DPW examined the trees Downeystatedthatallbiddingcontractors scheduling to have information ready for the board and advisory committee; Gary'~'Lamberton and Peter Lyon reviewed .... the district leveling projects and determined that because of their size met the Town's liability requirements and town meeting. The selectboard agreed Elections-amount determined by elec- • • prlontlzatlon checked tbe hghts on the clock in the• . , VLCT PACIF The board rev~eweu andproximitytopowerl!nestheirremoval that the Board did not take into that site plan C3 was the favored plan, tions; Tax Collector Budget-acceptable Methodist Church and confirmed that " : . the drug and alcohol testing manual More would be out ofthetown s capability. The consideration where the contractors live. Heat sources, the installation of solar by the board and advisory committee; LED lights couldbe used. The lights have • ... DPW received a quote for the tree Downeystatedthatthewinningbidderhad panels, ahoistandawashbayweresome Treasurer Budget-acceptable by the been purchased for $25 and will be time will be neededforamoredeta~led review removal. The board stated that they were a reasonable bid, a good reputation and of the topics discussed• Howard Garrow board and advisory committee; Informa- installed shortly. This should save quite a ' • ,. ..... not inclined to remove the trees at the track record with cemeteries, and that the explained where the leach field is and tion Technology Budget-acceptable by lot throughbothasignificantly lower level .VT Department ot~axes: ~.ne ~oaro , discussed thetimelineforfunding. Dick the board and advisory committee; ofconsumptionofelectricityandmuch reviewed, the results ot the zu~o Town s expense and agreed to convey contract awarding was a objective and Betty Rogers expressed concern Auditor Budget-acceptable by the board ~quanzatlon tSmdy that to the Tree Warden. decision. Latham Bridge RFP-The board Warrants-The board approved the aboutthefollowingitems: 1)Amotorized and advisoi'y committee; Revaluation of longerbulblife.Lyon processed a PO for $950 for a Financial-The" board reviewed and reviewed a draft for engineering services warrants, auger that runs at all odd hours to feed a Property Budget-acceptable by the board donation toward the purchase of granite signed order #24 in the amount of prepared by the DPW and the board DPWUpdate-ScottKnowltonjoined wood pellet boiler can create an and advisory committee; Legal Ex- from Gandin for use in the memory wall. $18,543.10 for accounts payable and assistant. The draft was created at the the board to provide a DPW update, annoyingly high pitch noise; 2)Outd0or penses-The board agreed to reduce the This included $900 of his board pay and $6,041.05 for payroll. DPWssuggestiontoconsiderthirdparty Knowlton and the board briefly discussed cordwoodboilerthatpollutestheairand budget to $15,000; Planning Board $50 the town would have paid in payroll Meetingadjournedat7:30p.m. engineeringservicesbasedonthescopeof thefleetandtheDPWcrew, including the smells bad all winter; 3)Yard lights that Budget-acceptable by the .board and taxes. ---- the construction requirements called for in temporary plow operators. Knowlton are too bright or too orange and aftect the advisory committee; Government Build- Puffer reported that he had Fairpointextends the hydraulic study conducted by commented that the current operators are surrounding neighbors; 4)Salt run off or ing Budget-acceptable by the board and coordinatedtwo meetings on the Welton VTRANS. The board expressed concerns working out very well. Knowlton noted used truck oil storage that leaks into the advisory committee, bridge project. The first was with Chad aboutsuchservicesballooningtheproject that the weather has required extensive brook next door; 5)The location of the Peter Thomson addressed the board Whitehead (Engineer) Brunt, and broadband llet~krork costs. The board agreed to ask the DPW sanding and that the DPW will purchase driveway, regarding the special election to be held Shawna (VAOT) to explain the town's SOUTH BURLINGTON--Withthe toreceivemoredetailedinformationabout more in January. ' Other-The selectboard acknowl- the same day as town meeting, March11. position in that the engineers were help of grants from the Vermont the scope of the design-build services Knowlton and the DPW discussed the edges receipt of a letter from the Pines Due to the special election and town expected to recover the $17,100 over provided for by the original bids for the installationofthelargeculvertonLatham reporting that they have internally meeting, the voting will have to be held at payment, made to tile contactor. The Telecommunications Authority, construction presented in the grant Road for which the Town has received a investigated all complaints regarding Rivendell Gym or Memorial Gym. The second meeting was with Chad, Brant, FairPoint Communications rum- application, state grant. Knowlton informed the board noise and other nuisances surrounding specialelectionwillbe~inat7a.m.andgo Shawna, Roberta, and Jeff Trombly pleted work in 2013 on two Budget-Jill Graff, Diane Osgood, that based on communications with a events held at The Pines and has not until 7 p.m., town meetlng polls will open (Contractor) to review with Jeff the broadbandexpansionprojects. Cathee Clement, Jessica Eaton, Tara culvert manufacturer, the town will have to confirmed any such problems. They also at 4 p.m. during the special election, incorrect billing for the mud slab. Itwas . The two VTA grants, totaling Pacht , and Tracy Burst joined the have a qualified engineer onto certify the reported their hours of operation. Carol Thomson said he has cleared the matter pointed outthat there exist two issues with more than $477,000, brought broad- Olsen called the liquor inspector with with the Secretary of State and that the mud slab; the first is that a portion of selectboardtodiscusstheFY2014budget, designs as well as be present during the regards to hours of operation of specialelectionballotswillbeadifferent it should not have been billed at atl and the band services from Fairpoint to 58 The board reviewed the budget in its installation. entirety, though focusing questions on Knowlton and the board also surrounding bars. Mr. Thibault is on color than town ballots to avoid any second was that the portion that could be more locations in Barnet, Bradford, individual line items. A few of the items discussed overtime pay for the DPW vacation so Olsen will follow up later, confusion. Steketee will contact Rivendell billed should have been at a substantially Rochester, Rupert and Ryegate. discussed included the impact of a part crew. The conversation centered around New Business-Tokens: The board regarding use of one of the gyms for lower rate as no forms were required. The VTA has awardedFairPoint time officer on the police budget; the the interaction of vacation time and its voted to give the tokens as in the past. election and town meeting• Currently the Engineers are owed more than $399,000 in grants for decision to build a new Town Recreation interplaywithovertime.Currentlyvacation Other-Buttondiscussedanupcom- Cemetery Budget-acceptable by the $10,000 which will not be paid until this 2014 to bring services to 60 website that would accept credit cards in time that is taken during the week does not ing DRB meeting regarding the j urisdic- board and advisory committee; Insurance issue is resolved. Puffer also reported that place of the contracted website which was count as time worked for the purposes of tion of permitting for signage, not otherwise Allocated-acceptable by the engineers need to provide a additional locations in Bennington, deemed overly expensive for services calculating overtime. The example that A letter was read from Charlotte the board and advisory committee; recommendation for a fix to the Hills' Brattleboro and Wilmington. To provided; changes proposed in hours was discussed was when an employee Faccio, Chelsea Public School Nurse Advertising & Regional Association- water. The board thanked Puffer for the date, Fairpoint has spent $100 worked by the Listers, and proposed takes a vacation day on Monday and then requesting more complete sanding ofthe acceptable by the board and advisory significant effort that he has put into this million on its network in Vermont legislation to change the Treasure Island is called into work eight hours overnight school parking lot. This issue will be committee; Contingency Fund-accept- project on behalf of the Community. later in the week. Under the current policy, researched and addressed at a later date. able by the board and advisory Danareport~dthatAnnieisdepositing and added l ,100 miles ofnew fiber._~ property tax exemption.