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March 13, 2019     Journal Opinion
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March 13, 2019

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10-JOURNAL OPINION—March 3, 2019 Selectboard minutes Bradford Jan. 23, 2019 (APPROVED) Board Members Present: Thomas E. Unkles, Carole P. Taylor, Randy L. Moore, Daniel A. Perry III; Administra- tive Assistant: Danielle Kingsbury Upper Valley Humane Society Contract: The board voted to approve the Upper Valley Humane Society annual contract in the amount of $500 per year for unlimited stray services. Cohase Chamber of Commerce: The board voted to approve the appropriation request for the Cohase Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $683. Fothergill Segale & Valley Contract: The board voted to approve and sign the three—year contract with the auditing firm, Fothergill Segale & Valley. BA Use: The board voted to approve the following Bradford Academy building use forms: Drawing group every Wednesday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Dodson Art Studio; Marcey Carver for tax assistance on various Fridays, provided that the room is available. Valley Vista to hold a community meeting on Feb. I l in the auditorium with the caveat that it is open to all the public including the press. . Training Requests: The board voted to approve the Listers do a webinar on Downloading Homestead Declarations on Feb. 1, cost is $30 for all three ofthem. Special Liquor License: The board voted to approve the special li_q uor license for Shelburne Vineyard LLC to hold a wine tasting at F armway on Feb. 2. Orders: Ted Unkles noticed that the training for the Recreation Director was $190 and the Selectboard approved $153 per night; the additional cost was for the meals which was not brought to the Recreation Directors attention until after the conference. The board voted to approve the orders dated Jan. 24 in the amount of $34,138.69. Other Business: A resident ques- tioned a street light being put on by Bank 0 m g Street. ~ The selectboard re-signed the Certifi- cate of Highway mileage as the original copy was misplaced. ‘ Danielle Kingsbury mentioned that Bradford Elementary School wants to cut the number ofweeks the Town can use the school for the summer camp program. Mollie Hatch has a meeting with the principal on Monday to discuss this as the Town has budgeted and planned for an eight-week summer camp program and has been emailing with the school since October with this plan. Danielle Kingsbury brought to the Sclectboard’s attention that the Luthers called her with more concerns about PTO’s garage expanding their business to the old Nutting property across the street (empty house lot that is nowowned by Jason Forwnwalt) and residents from Downstreet Housing parking on the main road. Mr. Luther has already contacted Downstreet Housing about this issue. At this time PTO is not violating any f the Towns ordinanceswb grking ,Ihe Bradfor ,Rolrcg ,_,epart lot has been made aware of the parking that is happening on 25B and will make sure to enforce the no parking. 2019 Budget: The selectboard re- viewed and made changes to the 2019 budget. Personnel-Executive Session: The board voted determined that a personnel issue needs be discussed in executive session because the premature general public knowledge would place both the i Town and the employee at substantial disadvantage. The board voted to go into executive session at 7:22 p.m. to discuss a personnel matter as allowed by 1 . V.S.A. Section 313 (a)(l). The motion , included Danielle Kingsbury to attend the session. The selectboard came out of executive session at 7:26 p.m. Finalize 2019 Budget: The board voted to approve the 2019 general fund budgetas follows: General Fund: $1,290,376; General Revenue (anticipated): $163,355; Gen— eral Amount to be raised in taxes: $1,127,021 The board voted to to approve the 2019 highway budget as follows: Highway Fund: $1,052,509; Highway Revenue (anticipated): $1 10,900; Highway Amount to be raised intaxes: $941,609 The board voted to approve the total 2019 amounts as follows: Total Town and Highway: $2,342,885; Total Anticipated Revenue: $274,255; Offset from previous years taxes: $100,000; Total Amount to be raised intaxes: $1,968,630 2019 Warning: The board voted to approve the 2019 warning. The selectboard adjourned the meeting at 8:05 p.m. Jan. 23, 2019 (APPROVED) Members present: John Adams, Jim McGoff, David Smith; others present: Esther Dobbins-Marsh, Steve Allen, Debbie Hadlock, Ruth Hook, Cicely Richardson, Deb McGoff, Ken Wiren, efbppofa ems Tom Thomson The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm ‘ Steve Allen—Assessor? Allen re- ported that he’s doing his annual clean-up of data. There are no issues to report. Debbie Hadlock—Tax Collector: ’Hadlock updated the board on the impending deeds sent out in November 2018. Of the seven impending deeds, 3 have been paid in full, 2 are on payment plans, and 2 are still outstanding. R Santy has a written payment plan and her payments are being made timely. The board voted to accept the payment plan for, Rachel Santy for back taxes. D Pushee has a written payment plan and his payments are being made timely. The board voted to accept the payment plan for Donald’Pushee for back taxes. B Sargent made a payment for property taxes, but still has a balance due. The selectboard took no action at this time due to the pending suit. R Schwarz— Hadlock reported there is no payment plan in place at this time, however, Randy plans to make a payment once he receives his tax refund. He requested a meeting with the board. Adams asked Hadlock to schedule one for the next board meeting on Feb. 13. Hadlock sends monthly reminders to all property owners that are late with their tax payments. Other—Smith discussed Article 5 ~ combining the Tax Collector/Town Clerk position. McGoff asked if Hadlock was in favor of the article she said she was not. Hadlock feels because the two position recluire different skills, it could be difficult to find a qualified candidate in the future. Smith stated his original goal was to have both position paid in the same manner when held by the same person (ie: both paid by fees, or both paid a salary). The board will leave the article as it’s currently written and discuss at the annual meeting. Dobbins—Marsh will clarify the current wording of the warrant article with the Town’s attorney. Old Business—Orford Free Library - Sue Kling & Carol Boynton: Kling and Boynton discussed with the board the lack of plowing at the library, They’ve contacted the town and road agent several times, but it’s still an issue. On Jan. 21 , the parking lot was never plowed by the town. A volunteer was shoveling and a town resident with a plow came by the help them out. The other issue is lack of sanding (a potential liability issue for the town), and not pushing the snow past the handicap ramp entrance. Boynton provided a drawing of where the snow can be pushed so the ramp isn’t blocked. Smith said he’d spoken to the road agent on Monday about plowing past the ramp and sanding. Boynton said she’s willing to meet with the road agent at any time to review their concerns with him. McGoff will pass this information onto the road agent Orford Conservation Commission~ Smith reported the OCC Will be holding a public hearing on the funding issue for the Brackett Brook project. There is a funding shortage of $20,000 and the OCC wants to donate $10,000 from the conservation Funds. The OCC discussed land protection around Indign Band as a project, the permit for wetlands‘work on Jacobs Brook, «the culvert inventory project and discussed if the State of NH does periodic checks of culverts under state roads in Orford. Parks & Playgrounds—Smith re- ported the Parks & Playgrounds have started planning for work to be done to the Community Field. Planning Board-McGoff reported there was a page missing from the posted OPB minutes of 11/27/18. The board discussed and agreed that reports should be stapled and numbered before placing on the board. Dobbins-Marsh mentioned she will be posting minutes on the website and can post on the board once received via email from various committees. McGoff said the OPB is looking for a planning assistant. Adams asked if the past assistant could continue on a month to month basis. McGoff said the OPB requested this but the past assistant chose not to. Thomson asked about the Culvert inventory, He said Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning had already completed an inventory of culverts. Smith said the OCC wants to have detailed, in depth information on the culverts and watersheds. Thomson mentioned the importance of regular maintenance of culverts, and the town and state should look at the culverts at least twice a year. Thomson will forward an email he received addressing this issue. Update of Outstanding Projects— FEMA Updates: Thomson asked for a status on receipt of FEMA reimburse- ments. Adams said FEMA was waiting for information from the town. Recently the H&H Study on Town Road #100 was sent to FEMA and Adams will be working with DuBois & King on the permit process for the Brook Road Bridge. Adams said once our local FEMA reps receives documentation it’s then sent to Texas for approval. Dobbins-Marsh will follow up with Tom Evans, FEMA to see where things stand. Warrant Articles: Thomson wanted to discuss the Warrant Articles and his concerns that the Budget Advisory Committee had voted to remove certain articles, but the board chose to leave them on the list. Thoinson' is concerned the 2019 lntrodUctory Membership Special $3953“ 6% sales fax *for anyone who was not a member In 2018 See our website for details! Our Advantage 0 Lessons 0 Clinics 0 Leagues 0 No Tee Times 0 Pro Shop 0 Friendly Atmosphere www.bradfordgolfClubinc.com Bradford, VT Selectboard isn’t taking the BAC recommendations seriously. Adams re— sponded the Selectboard made changes to the Warrant Articles after meetings with the BAC, and later reviewed the BAC’s concerns addressed in their draft minutes, but had voted to keep the Warrant Articles as proposed. After the Public Hearing there still was no discussion to remove any of the Warrant articles as proposed. Article 6 E-Ticket system - Thomson said the Lebanon Court system doesn’t currently support this system, and even if they do by late 2019, the BAC felt this would be better to add to the budget in 2020. Dobbins-Marsh mentioned Chief Bachus had reported the Lebanon Court reporting was only part of the use for the E-ticket system the software package could be used now. The board voted to remove Article 6. Article 8 — Taser Weapon System — Adams said he feels this article should go before the voters for consideration. McGoff said he know quite a lot about Taser weapons and thinks more research needs to go into this before purchasing for the Orford Police department. McGoff made a motion, seconded by Smith to remove Article 8. Motion Passed 2 in favor/1 opposed Article 16 — Funding Road & Bridges Capital Reserve account with FEMA reimbursement— Dobbins—Marsh said the NH DRA requires a specific amount to be funded into a Capital Reserve account. The article was amended to change the amount to $138,750 which represents 75% of the funds used from the capital reserve account for the two 2017 storms. The board voted to revise the language of the article. Archertown Road Bridge at Jacobs Brook—Adams requested this project be added to the list as this bridge is due to be replaced in 2020 by the State of NH . The town needs to begin the design process with DuBois & King- While this isn’t a FEMA project, the State of NH will provide 80% of the cost to replace. Adams said the study could be around $20,000. The board voted to move forward with the design project for the Archertown Road Bridge at Jacobs Brook. Other-Cabinets — Dobbins-Marsh reported that Chief Bachus mentioned the Lyme PD is interested in two cabinets. The Selectboard agreed to have Dobbins- Marsh find additional interested buyers. Boston Post Replica Cane — the engraving is complete. Smith will work on the presentation to the oldest citizen. Town Garage generator —— Smith reported that the town garage does have a portable generator. l-Ton Truck — Thomson asked what the town will do once the new. truck is received. He said the warrant article directs the, Selectboard to either trade it in or sell. McGoff thinks it’s a good idea to keep the truck as a backup, but Thomson said if the truck isn’t used regularly maintenance could be costly, and where would the truck be stored. Once the new. truck is delivered the board will need 11'). make a decision on the Hon. Newjgusiness~Selectboard Report: The board reviewed the first draft, amended and accepted " highway Report: McGoff and Saw- yer will work on this report. UV Ambulance Report — the board agreed to include in the 2019 Annual report The correspondence and accounts payable folders were reviewed and signed where necessary. Smith asked if there were minutes from the public hearing. Dobbins-Marsh reported that only notes were taken and will type them up for the board to review. The meeting adjourned at 9 pm Fairlee Jan. 28, 2019 (APPROVED) v Frank J. Barrett, Jr., Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m. Selectboard Members: Frank J. Barrett, Jr., Chair; Peter Berger, Vice Chair; and Cathy McGrath. Town Administrator: Tad Nunez; Board Clerk: Joanna Bligh; Visitors: Cyrie Lange, Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, and Joshua Hickman Agenda modifications—Peter Berger added a discussion of the Transfer Station. The board voted to approve the Agenda as amended. The motion passed u unanimously. Town Administrator’s Report—Tad Nunez presented the Town Administrator’s (TA) report highlighting his activities and meetings during the week beginning Jan. 21 : Tata & Howard Transition—Nunez announced that Gary Leach, project engineer, is leaving Tata & Howard; however, the water projects are on schedule with no lapses in projec‘f completion. Water Metering—Nunez reported SECURIT! with a local touch policies to fit your budget and your home that the water metering meeting was held last week included Lance Colby, and the committee is moving forward to develop a request for proposal. Journal Opinion—Nunez reported that the J 0 will be renewing its publication of the weekly Town of F airlee Selectboard Meeting Minutes. Lister’s Office~N unez reported that the Town has received a notice of receipt of the petition for determination of values, and that Noel is meeting with a Vermont Taxation Office representative on Jan. 29. Park & Ride—Nunez reported that a new motion sensor device has been installed in the lights at the Park & Ride. Town Hall HVAC—Nunez reported that during the past few weeks, the office staff have kept daily track of the temperatures in the offices to determine the effectiveness of the heating system. The data will be forwarded to Alliance Mechanical for assessment. Central Vermont Solid Waste Man- agement District—Nunez attended a morning meeting of CVSWMD on Jan. 26 and learned about municipal recycling management, the State of Vermont legislation on recycling, and the CVSWMD recycling goals. Old Water Tank Mediation—Nunez presented figures that he and Lisa H insley compiled relating to the costs of the failed water tank in preparation for the upcoming mediation meeting, Feb. 21. S uper Senior on WCAX—N unez suggested recommending Robert Edmands for the Super Senior nomina- tion. Milfoil Grant—Nunez announced that the 2019 milfoil grant will be submitted this week. Transfer Station Flooding—N unez stated that he plans to address the flooding at the Transfer Station. Zoning Administrator’s Report (writ- ten) Town Hall Window Replacement: Chris Brimmer reported that Jenna Lapachinski, Preservation Trust of Vermont, recommended that the Town apply for the Sincerbeaux grant for window replacements in the Town Hall. Flaming Party-Brimmer sought sug— gestions of how to distribute the results from the Planning Party. Brimmer suggested scheduling another community event in March. Community Septic Advisory Com- mittee—Brimmer attended the Commu- nity Septic Advisory Committee meeting and expressed some issues with the road frontage requirement in the village zone. Better Connections Grant Brimmer solicited letters of support from business owners to submit as part of the Better Connections Grant. New business—Town of Fairlee Library: Cyrie Lange, a Trustee of the Fairlee Library, presented a proposal and cost estimate for the repainting of the interior of the library, which has not been done in over 15 years. The Selectboard in a Vote of Confidence approved that the Library Trustees move forward with the interior painting project and speak with Lisa Hinsley regarding the use of reserve funds for the project. 2019 Town MedtinngttmingfiThe board voted toapprove the warning for the Annual Town Meeting, March 5 as written. Letter of Intent—Windows Grant: The board voted to approve and sign the Letter of Intent addressed to the Preservation Trust of Vermont for the evaluation of windows in the historic Town Hall. Old/unfinished business—Water Project Update: Nunez reported that he needed more information about who will be following up with the Town’s engineering projects now that Gary Leach is no longer at Tata & Howard. Nunez , will contact Paul Howard requesting more information. Better Connections Grant—McGrath stated that the grant, which is due next Wednesday, is moving toward comple- tion. A few more letters of support are needed and additional photos. McGrath noted that they are considering applying for the Clean Water Fund grant, as well. Municipal Waste Water/Septic Up— date—Nunez reported that the Committee will have a written report on their findings by May 2019. Transfer Station—Nunez suggested that policies of operation of the Transfer Station be posted. McGrath noted that a Master Plan for the Transfer Station use and operation be developed. Board orders & correspondences— The board orders and correspondences were presented to the Selectboard for signatures. Executive Session (personnel and contractual)—The board voted to go into Executive Session at 8:35 p.m. The selectboard came out of executive session at 9:41 p.m. There were two areas of discussion in the Executive Session. The Chair, Frank J. Barrett, J r., recused himself to allow the Board to deal with the contractual matter. >>HOME Business Auto Recreation M.K.RICHARDSON AGFNC Y. INC. 5 Your Local Insurance Agency Chelsea: 685-3885 Barre: 479—2556 Unline: www.mkrichardsonagency.com .réiiiiewétfrthe' D Action item: The Town Administrator will forward a letter to the Town’s attorney from the architect of record for the Town Hall project, Frank J. Barrett, Jr., and will ask the attorney to forward this letter with a cover note to Jason Crance. The board voted to satisfy the request of the Town Administrator regarding additional vacation time. The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 p.m. Jan. 28, 2019 (APPROVED) Stuart Rogers called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m. Selectboard Members present: C athee Clement, Richard Krzal, Stuart Rogers, Li Shen, Douglas Stone; Others present: Martie Betts (Selectboard Assistant); Community Members present: David Goudy, Nick Clark, Sarah Martel, Michael Kiess, Curtis Richardson Liquor Commission (Annual Li- censes)_The board voted to recess the Selectboard meeting and convene the Town Liquor Commission. The board voted to approve the 2019 Annual Liquor License for Huggetts Mart in East Thetford. The board voted to approve the Temporary Liquor License for Bloods Catering & Party Rentals for a fundraiser event at Thetford Academy on F eb. 9. The board voted to adjourn the meeting of the Town Liquor Commission and reconvene the selectboard meeting at 6:23 p.m. Town Manager Search Committee Questions—The selectboard discussed the question of a budget for the Town Manager Search Committee. There would be advertising, background checks and other costs involved during the search and interview process. The selectboard will consider adding money to the selectboard contingency line item but noted that until the committee has met and determined their approach it will be hard to decide what the amount should be. 2019 Town Meeting Update~~Town Meeting will be on March 2 at Thetford Academy. following the School Meeting. 2019 Draft Budget Discussion—The board voted to accept the budget for 201 9. Seconded by Li Shen. Warrants w/Correspondence—#9.I $9894.31 #52 $17,915.54 Review of payroll #3 l-26-l9. The board voted to approve the warrants as presented. The selesSelectboard received an email regarding the building of a book shed at the Recycling Center. Selectboard members Will meet. at the Recycling Center on Saturday Feb. 2 at 9 am. Other Business—Curtis Richardson stopped by the Selectboard meeting to deliver a check for the Timothy Frost Building steeple fund in the amount of $3,009. The money is to be used for maintenance of the steeple. The town will periodically receive a check from a woman who left money for the steeple. Approval of 2019 Budget and 2019 Town Meeting Warning—The Selectboard . , .. .. F.1T,-T0wn Warning.-. The Selectboard discussed the order’of the articles. There was discussion about Articles and budge expenses that are not for Town departments. The board voted to accept the Town Warning with edits, signatures to follow. Possible Legal Update (Anticipated Executive Session)—Stuart Rogers moved to find that premature, general public discussion of this subject would clearly place the state, municipality, other public body or person involved to suffer a substantial disadvantage. The board voted at 9:56 pm to discuss these matters in an Executive Session per Discussion of Matters as per lV.S.A., subsection 31,3 paragraphs A1&3. The board voted to exit executive session at 10:35 p.m. No action taken at this time The board voted to adjourn the regular selectboard meeting at 10:36 p.m. Feb. 4, 2019 (APPROVED) Stuart Rogers called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. Selectboard Members present: Rich- ard Krzal, Stuart Rogers, Li Shen, Douglas Stone; Others present: Tracy Borst (Town Clerk/Treasurer),Martie Betts (Selectboard Assistant); Community Members present: Dori Wolfe, David Forbes, Phebe McCosker, Bob Walker, Nick Clark, Ellis Paige Public Comment 7 :06 p.m. Ellis Paige asked the Selectboard about the “No Parking”signs onthe Town Garage Doors, and why Town equipment had been parked fOr the day in the Community Center drive. Ellis Paige also wanted to know ifthe Town had a new policy where Town equipment could be taken to an employee’ s residence. Douglas Stone explained that the signs had been put on the Town Garage doors so people would not park directfy in front of them, and that the Road Commissioner had been allowed to take equipment home so he could get an early start on the roads the next morning. Ellis Paige asked why a backhoe was being rented when the Town owned one. Douglas Stone explained that the Town’s backhoe wouldn’t start so Northwoods equipment was used that day. The concern about Town equipment being used for personal property and parking at the Community Center will be addressed by the Selectboard. Solar Project Discussion Cont’d (Godfrey Road)—Dori Wolf and the Selectboard discussed the latest version of letter from Judith Whitney, Clerk, Public Utility Commission RE: Preferred Siting Designation under Rule 5.100 — Thetford Community Solar — Godfrey Road. The board voted to sign the Preferred Siting Designation under Rule 5.100, Thetford Center Community Solar, Godfrey Road letter. The board votd to sign the Preferred Sitting Designation letter. Town Meeting & Pre—Town Meeting Update Approval of Drafl Town Report—The selectboard and Tracy Borst (Town Clerk) reviewed the Draft Tovm Report and noted several changes that would need to be made before it was sent to the printer. David Forbes, a member of the Planning Commission was at the meeting to address concerns about the Planning Commission Report. David Forbes will make edits to the Planning Commission Report and email to the Town Clerk and Selectboard Chair. The board voted to approve the 2018 Annual Town Report as edited, and in anticipation of the re—write of the Planning Commission Report. The selectboard extended appreciation and thanks for all who were involved with compiling the Town Report. Town Hall Fund Action (Balance)— The board voted to retroactively transfer $16580.46 from the Fund Balance as of . year- end 201 8 into the Town Hall Fund to cover the deficit existing from the septic replacement in 2018. Discussion of Town Manager Search Committee Options—Rogers said he and Li Shen had a conference call with Abby Freedman of VLCT Municipal Assistance Center. They discussed how VLCT can help with the Town Manager search. Ms. Freedman offered to come and make a presentation to the Selectboard and Search Committee. Rogers will see if Ms. Freedman and the Search Committee can meet on March 13. Warrants & Minutes w/Correspon- dence~2.3 $87,272 #2.3F $500 #101 $1,104.87#6.2 $1,888.39 #33 $31,413.41 #702 $19,041.16 #3.4 $24,949.72. The board voted to accept the warrants as presented. The selectboard received a letter a resident expressing appreciation for the work done on the Sawnee Bean Road culvert. The Selectboard received a regular mailing from the Bugbee Senior Center. The Selectboard received the latest edition of the VLCT newsletter. The Selectboard received a response from the VT. Department of Taxes in'regards to the application for redeterrnination of the Common Level of Appraisal (CLA). The Department of Taxes will be 'scheduling‘a‘“ visn t6 the'To'Wfi to renewals applicatiOn. The Selectboard received an email” containing photos and concerns from a resident on Sawnee Bean Road. The Selectboard received a request from the Town of Sutton about Thetford’s ATV ordinance. The Selectboard received notice of the upcoming annual “Bike the US for MS”. They typically come through Thetford and use both the Community Center Building and the Town Green. The Selectboard received confirmation from Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste District for the Big Trash Collection on April 20. The Selectboard received an email with a concern that was forwarded to the Town Service Officer. \ Upcoming Agendas—Upcom ing agen- das will include discussion on the book shed for the Recycling Center, an update on the Thetford Hill Pedestrian Project and Trail Head Project, the walkway from Latham Library to Thetford Academy, and the Civic Pride Award. Other Business—Road Activity Notice (Logging Operation): The board received a request to post that there will be logging taking place on Potato Hill Road North so there will be an increase in traffic. Public Records Request—The Selectboard has received a public records request and is noting the need for an extension of time to acquire paperwork from multiple departments, as well as meeting recordings. Personnel Discussion (Anticipated Executive Session)—The board voted to find that premature, general public discussion of this subject would clearly place the state, municipality, other public body or person involved to suffer a substantial disadvan- tage. The board voted at 9:41 p.m. to discuss Recreation Department matters in an Executive Session per discussion of matters as per lv.s.a., subsection 31,3 paragraphs al&3. The board voted to exit executive session at 10:43 p.m. The board voted to adjourn the regular Selectboard meeting at 10:44 p.m. TTENTION DOG OWNERS! The deadline i n BRADFORD for licensing degs is Monday, April 1,2019 The Bradford ,Town Office is open Mondays—Thursdays 7 am to 3:30 pm and Fridays 8 am to noon. Males Females: $13 Nelrtered or Bring a current Rabies Certificate AND Neutering Spayed: $9 Certificate ‘ if not on file. There will be a Rabies Clinic March 27 at the Bradford Firehouse from 6:00 at which time Bradford pm to 7:00 pm residents may license their dogs. If you have questions, call the Town Clerk's Office at 802-222-4727 Ext. 300.