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August 23, 2017     Journal Opinion
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August 23, 2017

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Page 10--JOURNAL OPINION--August 23, 2017 West Fairlee minutes of July 6 with one correction made. was signed. EDITOR'S NOTE: Selectboard minutes are printed here as a public service, at no cost to the town. Some boards have submitted approved minutes, while others are unapproved. The Journal Opinion reserves the right to edit the minutes it receives for length, to conform with news style, or for legal rea- sons. Minutes submitted more than two months old will not be published. should be able to enter into a contract of July 13, 2017 (APPROVED) July 17, 2017 (APPROVED) July 19, 2017 (APPROVED) Jennifer Bone/Purchase Brown's Lisa said that tax time is coming up theirchoosing. BistroMarkettoextendtheMyFarmer's quickly.Sheisreviewingtheinsertthatis The board voted to approve Resil- In Attendance-Board Members Present: Bev Ash, Delsie Hoyt, Steve The Newbury Selectboard held its Market: Jennifer Bone and her husband enclosed with thetax bills. Lisasaid it was ience Planning & Design for services as Present: Lisa D. Sharp Grady, Carole P. Malinoski, AI Pfeifer; Clerk: Nina regular meeting on July 19 at the Town are in the process of purchasing Brown's time to review the Small Credit Balance planning assistant to the Orford Planning Taylor, Daniel A. Perry III, Randy L. Schwartz Office beginning at 7 p.m. Attending: Market Bistro to move and expand their Policy which states any over payment of Board per the scope of work outlined in Moore;AdministrativeAssistant: Danielle The meeting was called to order by Alma Roystan (Chair), Brian Emerson, market, which is now io South Ryagato. It less than $5 will not be refunded. This the July 10 letter outlininghourly rates and Kingsbury; others present: Robert Wing, Delsie Hoyt at 6 p.m.Steve Cole, Highway Foreman Bob is called My Farmers Market. Themarket document needs to be reviewed and activities. Phil Page Organizational-Visitors/Hearandact Beanlieu, and visitors Emmy and Rick has been successful over the past two signed by the selectboard. This was Adams asked Smith when he was Lisa Sharp Grady, vice chair, called on reports of Town Officer and Hausman, Ami Norton, Diane Norton, years and in need of space to expand, adopted. Lisa also noticed that the Town informed of the rotting animalinthetown the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Committees: Health Officer: re: status Carol Stoll, Michael Thomas. There will be 20 or so VT and NH vendors of Groton does not have a Tax Collection office and what he has done to solve the Better Backroads Hackett Hill Grant health order on rental property. Delsie Conservation Commission Chair and farmers working with and supplying Policy. Lisahas been working with the problem.SmithstatedhewastoldonJuly Agreement-The board voted for Lisa reports major issues are resolved, still a Michael Thomas requested and received them. There are vendors that are TownofLudlowlookingat different town 18, but has been busy andnot able address Sharp Grady to sign the grant agreement few, minor issues pending and being clarification regarding an earlier emailto interested in serving breakfast, lunch and procedures and guidance, they have been the situation and will try following this for Hackett Hill. addressed, the board from Alice Allen. All remaining supper. There will be fresh produce in the very helpful. Lisa has asked the folks meeting. Adams asked if he considered Concrete Pad-Transfer Station: Tri-TownCommissionmeeting: Lake funds of the Boltonville Community marketall year around. Jennifer said any from Ludlow about this policy and they gettingalltheanimalsoutinadditiontothe Casella is requesting to add a 14x12 Fairlee Dam: Steve has not heard Organization will be disbursed to the funding would help with the first year sent Lisa a copy of their town policy to immediate need for ventilation in the addition to the concrete pad which holds anything new from Joe McPherson or Consarvatioo Commission. being difficult. There is some work and review. Lisa will be writing apolicy up for building. Smith stated he planned on Thomas also asked about the board's the containers at the transfer station. This James Dixon on upcoming payment due. repairs that need to be done before Groton and bring it to the selectboard plugging the holes outside of the building will add an extra 264 square feet. Robert Delsie confirmed Joe McPherson did plan to form a Town Forest Management opening. There was a question about the /meeting to review, to prevent access• Wing spoke with members ofthe planning receive invoice and has sent payment• Committee, giving his own brief parking situation. There are few ideas in Lisa also mentioned the person that Goundrey stated if this situation commissionandtheywillbebringingthe Spillway control: Steve confirmed assessment of each lot. The board usingthewhitehousenexttotheBrown's hadbouncedacheckmadepayabletothe happens again tbe Board cannot have the size change up at their next meeting on with Dubois & King the design of the dam explained that they are seeking a range of Bistro Market. The Bones would like to Town for $21.00 came into the office and employees and public in the building due to Tuesday night to see if it will require a has spillways to keep the water level appointees according to various knowl- have the Farmer's Market in Grotoo open paid balance due. the health hazard. Two weeks is much too permit amendment or not. withintoleranceforwaterlevelstability, edge bases and skills and hope for a short by fall foliage. They will be selling only Open to Public & Other Business- longfornotaddressingthisproblem.He Do they need to renew their Therefore, thereis no issue with someone turn-around for the committee to naturalproducts from Vermont. Brian Wohlleb mentioned that he heard suggestedthat Smith findaprofessionalto application? The planning commission is being responsible for monitoring/main- complete its work. Highway/Brent Smith-turnaround some complaint about a brash pile he had take care of the problem and the Board going to meet abouttbe size change on taining water level. It is just recom- EmmyHausmanexpressedconcern (Fortunati).Onthetumaroundissuewith on Welton Road. Wade Johnson, the concentrateonfollowingtheLongRange Tuesday night, mended the spillways are manually about deadlines pending with Upper Fortunati a sign needs to be put up. Mary forest fire warden will be contacting Planning Committees suggestion on Put it io writing that Casella pay the opened and closed twice a year to ensure Valley Land Trust for moving forward up Grant su ' ested that the fire departmeot Brian about this brush pile. improving the town office. additional cost but it will still remain the they are working properly for mainte- the Tucker Mountain proposal. She gg property of the Town of Bradford. nance, questioned whether the committee will be use their hoses to clean offthe sidewalks. The Groton Volunteer Fire Depart- Jacobs Brook-Emergancy Permit- The board voted to authorize the Brushwood Forest study: email able to deliver the desired information in Brent handed the Select Board two ment left a purchase order along with a ting: Adams thanked Tom Thomson for additional size increase of the concrete received from Peggy Willey; graduate time. The board reviewed some of the RFP's for pavingthe sidewalks that came letter with Lisa about a trailer. This his assistance with emergency permitting in. The first one was from Green Mt purchase order will be discussed at the for debris removal from Jacobs Brook pad provided the Town student is proposing to do a study of the questions and issues raised by attorney Paving for $215 per ton, the other one was next selectboard meeting, following the July 1 storm. receive a letter from Casella saying forest. The board is supportive of this. Jim Barlow and stressed the importance from Blaktop Inc. for $203.44 per ton. Deborah said she is still working on Thomson stated he has sent individual stating that they will be paying all Geer Dam: email update from John of addressing these before making any The board voted to accept the bid from recycling and cleaning up issues in the photos to the NH Department of additional cost for the concrete pad but it Benjamin-Board of Adjustments is decisions on Tucker Mountain. Blaktop lnc for $203.44 per ton. town. Deborah said there will be a car Environmental Service as required and wiU remain the property ofthe Town of pushing along paperwork for dam Michael Thomas and Rick ltau~man, TownClerk/LindaNunn-CentralVT painted and put in the fall foliage parade, worked with Bill McKee to conduct a Bradford; also providing that the planning removal, referring to the question of Class 4 road Humane Society Contract, Porta Potty at Deborah mentioned that she would like to GPS survey of the affected areas of commission approvesthe extension. Planning Commission: AI Pfeiffer maintenance, stated that the latest see the town have a day they could bring Jacobs Brook, Mousley Brookandaround Electricity will be put in at the transfer reports the Town Plan is moving forward, management plan for the proj ect has no Frost Field, Local Emergency Operations Plan. Jim theiroldtiresin. The discussionahouttires the Newcomb Hollow Bridge. station next week. last of surveys received; overall low contingent for road maintenance. The Downing picked up a do~z in front of the and a possibility of havinga roll off NH-DES representative CraigRennie The selectboard gave Phil Page response, boardnotedthatithasjustreceivedanew Town Community Building today and container will be discussed further at the felt it would be best if he, Thomson, approval to have a second access ofFinancial-Roads/Land:GrantlnAid memo from Bob Linck ofUpper Valley brought him/her to the town's Animal next selectboard meeting. Hadlock and a Selectboard member conduit at the transfer station in case the Program: confirmation of submission LandTrustbuthasnothadtimetoreview ControlOfficer. Brent said the dog has The selectboard signed the orders, review the affected areas. They will town ever needs to add anything,received. Next step is to schedule it. beenclaimed.TheselectboardandLinda The board voted to go into executive meetatthetownofficeonThursday, July Conservation Commission Purchase TwoRiverstomakesitevisitforproposed Referringtothequestionofaprivate Nunn do not want to sign the Central VT session to discuss the memory wall and 27at9a.m.,Goundreywillrepresentthe Order-The board voted to approve the project, burialplot for the Leach family, Thomas Humane Society Contract. Linda Nunn contracts at 8 p.m. The board voted to Board. Conservation Commission to purchaseRobinson Hill erosion hotspot: Steve statedthatunderthecurrentproposal, the said that she is lookin~ into some other comeoutofexecutivesessionat8:42p.m. Other-Funding for Road Repair: the 2018 calendars with money from the to have Johnathon contact Doug from the family's homestead exemptions will possibilities. " with negotiations and contracts are still Mark Blanchard, Trustee of Trust Funds, Conservation Fund account at WRSB, WestshireATVClubregarding$325-350 dissolve. He suggested that one ofthese Mark Shallberg said there were pending and in regards to the memory emailedtheBoardinformingthemthatthe which is exclusively money raised by the estimate on material; there seemed to be lots be designated for a burial plot. The concerns from Larry Daniels, Sr. about wall, Bridge & Roads capital reserve fund was not an expendable trust, therefore, could overC°mmissi°n" The calendar cost is a little$1,600. ~ thisS°me question/lack ofcommunication Oninformation. beb°ard replied that a subdivision would stillrequired, noting that private burial plots goingthe Porta Potty at the Frost Field. Mark iSto speak to Gary Crane about p.m.The board voted to adjourn at 8:45 not be used for this purpose unless they BCN Long Distance Contract: The Storm assessment and plan: Beaver may not be located on public land. having the Porta Potty moved down near __ __ __ held a special town meeting. He has board voted to accept the BCN contract Meadow Road: Delsie received email Hausman added that the plot would need the Crane's house next year. Organized returned the check for half of the capital for 12 months and authorized Lisa Sharp from Michael Blakslee of VTrans District to go on the section of Leach property groups that are using the Frost Field are I~ | ~ pl~ ~ ~ reserve fund total for possible u~e for Grady to sign. 4; has given estimate of $5-7K for repairs, which is not already conserved, suppose to let Linda Nunn, the Town r" I g/I I I lo IIIk storm damage costs and suggesting Police Department-Vacation Time: Unsure at this time whether damage is Diane Norton, who serves on the Clerkknowwhentheyareusingthefield waiting for FEMA funds for the The board voted to approve Jeffrey sufficient to qualify for FEMA/State Newbury Conservation Commission and sotheycanbeputonthecalendarandfill Ju!y 20, 2017 (APPROVED) _. remainder ofincurred costs. Stiegler's request to extend his earned emergency aid. Bidprocessrequiredfor who has agreed to represent the NCC on outtheannronriatefo-- "-- assaidthat ~electboaru~emt~erspresent:Chair Adams felt the Board had a few leave time up to 40 hours for an extra 30 contractorsforfinalrepair(doesnotapply the soon-to-be-formed Forest Manage- HankEaton~ ls'~'m chargeU"n'~t W.ofLlttleLeague Colin ....... Stubbings,., ........ selectmen Randy options.Apply for a loan from Mascoma days passt his armiversary date.for emergency repairs), as the town does mentCommittee, noted that the town's that e l~r,~t ~" " • ~uojeCKL~onamMltcnea'omerspresent" SavingsBankwithalowfixedrate, delay ..._. uses th ....... leld. Lmda wall ., _ _, . • Orders-The board voted to approve not have their own road crew. deadline for signing documents with contact Hank to get further information. Abby. Metcalf, Matt Hogan, Joanne the replacement of culvert/bridge on the orders dated July l4. Culvert/driveway culvert overflow- UVLTandacceptingamanagementplan Linda Nunn brought the Local Mogan .. TownRoad#100andhaveitbepartofthe Other business: The board reviewed SawMillHill(inclinebeforeBloodBrook for Tucker Mountain is Dec. 1. She Emeruencv Onerations Plan to the Chair Colin Stubbings called the NH State Bridge Aid Program, orholda the email from TRORC that stated that a Road): resident concerned culvert run- expressed hope that the new committee's "~ " ~ • meeting to orderat 7"02 p m special town meeting to request usingthe selectboard to be approved. Linda stated . ". • • list of residences that sustained damage ning under the front of his property not charge will not delay a special town vote nl --~-~ :o ,~--* ^..A.=. Non-Pubhc Sessmn-Reason' RSA funds in the Bridges & Roads capital that the o y cha,,~ ,~ u,a, ,=,,,~,~, ............. '...,. or experienced flooding on July 1 should adequate to handle discharging water, on Tucker Mountain and jeopardize this , vl-,~'~ u ~c) r.ntereu at" i'u~ p m ruouc reserve fund. Dorsett s name has been taken off and ." • . .... . beprovidedtothem, toincludeaddresses, Has requested the town take on resource for future generations. ' Wade Johnson's name has been added sessmnreconvenedat:7:25p.m.Motmn Goundrey felt the best option was to names, and a contact number. The board responsibility of replacing with bigger The board explained that it has~a Lindaoadedtw° n .... ~-,,,~,~,= Town,,~" tg_. seal n]inutes passed Reason Ad- apply for the loan w.ith a determined ~ decidednottoputanoticeinthepaperat culvert. Th~ B6afd'discussed it is likely responsibility to act judiciously, with ....... : ..... *"~ '~ ~ ~'~" ~"~"~'~'"~' • Groton to the list of people who might-i~:~/.[r~tlth~ repu~n_ Of a person amount. Adams said if this woufl[.W~ork ~ thistime, beneficialtolocatetheculvertonthehill forethought, andtoensurethat residen(s need help in an emergency. The board~.V~l~/~.,tI~m:~ra~r°f'the ,Board , like a line of Credit to go with wllhi flue The board reviewed the education tax (above property) and resize it to improve will have as much information as possible ed to n inn personnel purity and procedure needs are. He was not sure of the details vot ....accert the 2017 Local ratesforfiscalyear2018fortheBradford the overall fiow in the area. aboutwhatthisprojectentails.Theboard Emer~encvOnerationsPlan manualwasrelewedbytheboard.Afew andwillworkwiththeTreasurert6apply Academy and Graded School District, Pending drivewayaccessapprovals: suggested that the special town meeting Mary° wanted" " an update on" the AED changes .... were made. _ • for $250,000 load and use it for storm non-residential tax rate to be assessed: Steve received return phone call from couldbewamedwithparticularlanguage, " • • Inn ooaru voted to accept as damage costs andholdthe capitalreserve and the ratssmg batteries and adult pads ...... .... $1.3299 and homestead tax rate to be property owner. He seems amenable to e.g. "contingent on committee findings." • • • • amennen ~ne ooara voted to send the check for security. from the original order. L~sa stud we • . . assessed: $1.2984 working to on a resolution, but has had no Mr. Hausman asked that the board received these items and are installed inpersonnel pohcles and procedure manual A motion was made for the town to Town specific information oneduca- luck with communication back from set a date for the special town meeting, AED, they were left on a neighbor's to town counsel for review, apply for flood relief from Mascoma tiontax rate calculations are available on contractors. Intends to continue to work noting that mid-August is a crucial porch. Linda had contacted UPS about Stubblngs gave an update on the Savings Bank with a fixed rate of 1.5 the Department of Taxes website on this. deadline for warning said meetingin order this shipping issue. Barton Road bridge reimbursement, percent, no fees, multiple disbursements Theselectboardmeetingadjournedat Public Safety/Ordinance Enforce- for the project to qualify for some Cemetery/Great Road Cemetery- Additional Items-Stubbings gave an allowed, and initial term of 12 months to 6:51 p.m. merit-Trash ordinance enforcement/ significant grant funding. Wade askedAaron Smith about the Great update regarding the town office cover immediate costs of the July 1 flood ticketing/Bergholmpmperty: Thomas relayed the Conservation Road Cemetery as this is not being computer system. There was a brief inthe amount orS250,000. The motion Bev gave paperwork to sheriff, who Commission's concerns about the condi- mowed. Deborah Jurist said that discussion regarding issues with the passed. Fairlee wasgoingtocheckthescheduleonwhan tionofHalls Lake Beach. He requested Peacham and Groton take turns mowing server/work stations. Stubbings ex- Article3allocationofcapitalreserve they will be able to schedule ticketing, and received contact information for the this cemetery from year to year. Aaron pressed his concern that there are no UPS funds-Adams drafted a request for an July 17, 2017 (APPROVED) Pending with sheriff. Halls Lake Association, and he suggested said this is Peacham's year to mow. units for several of the work stations or alternative allocation of funds per the Present-Selectb0ard Members: Cathy Town ordinance to be reviewed for that the Conservation Commission and Cheryl Stevens Cemetery Commissioner the server. We should have the quote for reduction of amended article 3 rather than possible future revisions/improvements, theRecreationCommitteemightbeable of Peacham needs to be contacted about IT service from Certified Computer using the traditional recommendation McGrath (chair); Peter Berger (vice Old Business-Lighting upgrade to to work together on this issue. Solutions at the meeting on July 25. Jen from the NH Department of Revenue. themowingofthecemetery.AaronSmith Rugar will try again to contact SNS Adams reviewed his recommendation chair); Town Administrator: Brian Lister/Selecthoard office: still pending Ami Norton, Diane Norton, Carol willdothis. Hanson;Visitors:DonWeaver, Georgette withTildenElectric. Stoll, and Michael Thomas exited the Wolf-Ludwig; Minutes Clerk: Stephanie Mary Grant/Community Bldg Paint- computers in Littleton. and the Board agreed with his allocation. A.Taylor(bytranscription) New Business-Setting tax rate: meeting. Subjeck gave an update from the AmotionwasmadetonotifytheNH material/worksheet reviewed and some The board adopted the ReDI district ing, Inventory-Mary said the outside 6 p.m.- call to order questions found. Delsie contacted the for the fiber optic broadband project, entry way of the Community Building storm debriefing session- radios will be Department of Revenue of the return- needs painting. Mary mentioned that the installed in the grader and the backhoe to mendation for allocation of funds for Staff and public comments-Don Peggy Burden, Lister, to seek clarifica- Emmy Hausman expressed appre- outsideoftheCommunityBuildingneeds allow for communication. The vacant Article 3 and distribute as follows: spokeWeaver°ftheLakeM°reyC°mmissi°nto the board members about the tion. Special meeting proposed for ciation for the Highway Department's to be washed. Mary also mentioned an office on the second floorofthe fire decreasefundby$4,000intheFireTruck aquatic weed harvester (Kubota diesel), Monday, July24,at5p.m.toset2017tax work during the storm over July 4 overhangshewouldliketobeputoutfront station may be suitable for the EMD CRF, $13,0000 in the Highway Trucks rate. The board voted to schedule weekend. Ms. and Mr. Hausman then ofthetownoffice.ShewouldlikeMarkto office. CRF and $3,000 in the Police Cruiser which is 33 years old. It will need to be meeting, exited the meeting, get a price/estimate for what thisproject Non-Public Session-Reason: RSA CRF to total the amended article to replaced. The potential resale value will Cat Spaulding has requested to be Alma Roystan reported on a recent would cost. There was some discussion 91 -A:3 II (c). Entered at: 8:22 p.m. Public $216,254. The motion passed. be investigated by Brian Hanson.appointed to Conservation Commission: Fire Department gathering to honor the on this issue. Brent brought up an issue of session reconvened at: 8:38 p.m. Board New Business~2orrespondence: The Weaver mentioned the need to The board voted to approve: following retired fire fighters: Doug the back side of the park being used for votedto seal minutes. Reason: Adversely Board discussed a complaint received consider training a new person to take Cemetery Commission: letter re- Merrill, Dan Martin, Chuck Speer, Andy walking dogs and people not cleaning up affect the reputation of a person other regarding bad behavior at Indian Pond over his responsibilities in the next year. ceived requesting $1 k additional to Linell, and Brewster Thurston. The board their dog's messes A si n needs to be put than a member of the Board Beach. Parks & Playground Committee Georgette Wolf-Ludwig has received remove trees; needs crane to complete acknowledged the long-standing service • " g up telling people to pick up their dog's Non-Public Session-Reason: RSA has requested a letter be sent to the 91-A:3II(c).Enteredat:8:39p.m.Public offenders by the Board due to the calls about the town administrator job. Motionnotneeded; dulynoted, of these five men and expressed messes. Linda said Brent should order session reconvened at: 9:06 p.m. Board situation. Goundrey agreed to draft a position. The position is being advertised Report that horses running in church appreciation. in several Vermont newspapers and has driveway; some concerns on safety. The board received the following these signs thru the company he uses for votedto seal minutes. Reason: Adversely letter to the offenders. sign for the park. been posted on the Vermont League of Privatepropetty, notTown'sjurisdiction, items ofcorrespondence-Noticethatthe Financials/Budget Update-Budget affect the reputation of a person other Accounts Payable: The correspon- Cities and Towns website. Merchants Bank has merged with Piermont bridge is still under repair; notice Questions and Tax Rate: There were no than a member of the noard dance and accounts payable folders were Newbusiness-PeterBergerdistrib- Community Bank and requested an from TRORC that a second year of questions on the budget that was handed Adjournedat9:08p.m. reviewed and signed where necessary. uted sample information from other update of the 'Authorization of Resolu- funding has beenreceived for Town Plan out at the last meeting that was at 50 Comments & Questions from Pub- Vermont towns regarding finance/capital tion' formto keep on file. The board voted energy elements; notice of a fundraiser percent. Lisa handed out three new ~ lic-Justin Adams asked how may asset management committees that to sign, as written up. Copy returned to for Safeline on Aug. 10in Chelsea; copy possible tax rates for the Select board to ~rl[~r~i applications were received for the perform long term capital planning. The Treasurer. of a Dept. of Liquor Control citation, look at and decide what the tax rate should highway position, was anyone hired and board members will speak withthe budget Electrical usage unexpectedly up at The board auttiorized the board chair be. There was some discussion on what July 26, 2017 (APPROVED) now that the initial work has been done to committee members and discuss how to Bean Hall. Source of sudden usage to sign a change in wording in the the tax rate should be. There were 3 proceed. Members present: John Adams, Paul roads from the storm why hasn't any The board members reviewed a draft unknown; Delsie checked the building; Urquhart tax appeal agreement, options presented utilizing $50,000, Goundrey, David Smith; others present: additionalwork gone out for bid. further investigation needed. The chair reported that photographs conflict of interest policy for board E911updateproject:NinaSchwartz ofthe solid waste violation on property $25,000 or $0 oftheFund Balance. In Steve Allen, CicelyRichardson, Kelley John Adams stated Orford is still view of the trend that state and federal Monahan, Tom Thomson, JustinAdams, considered to be in an emergency members, town employees, contractors offered to take on task. Delsie to obtain owned by Gary Vance have been sent to governments are requiring local towns to Sheri Clifford situation, and will put any final work to be and committee members, further details and provide to Nina. The the State. The meeting was called to order at done out for bid. Cathy McGrath suggested the possi- board voted to approve Nina to project. The board received from VLCT a pay for more services that were once bilityofformingasearchcommitteeto The board voted to sign orders, model policy for Class 4 roads, supported by the state or feds, aswasthe 5:30p.m Goundrey stated five applications evaluate candidates for the town Steve Allen-Assessor: Allen re- were received and the board will be administrator position. The board mem- pmThe meeting was adj°urned at 7:09 Theboardapprovedapermittowork casewiththeforestfirepaymentsthatthe bers are prioritizing the requirements in the right of way for Peter Culp. state has reduced dramatically, the board ported proceeding with the 25 percent discussing an offer of the position in a •" voted to use no money from the fund cyclical work and has seventy-eight closed session laterthis evening. listed inthejob description. The chair reported that her meeting balance this year in setting the tax rate. parcels complete to date. Goundrey A motion was made to enter into Old/unfinished business-Brian West Fairlee with VLCTandtheEmergencyServices Lisa saidthatshehasbeenupdated received an email from Harry Pease nonpublic session for a personnel matter Hanson received several contractor Coordinatorhas been postponed until July from the Community Bank regarding the asking why he still has not heard that the at 7:20 p.m. A roll call vote of member's 25. estimates and has been working with the Reserve funds and the temporary line that updates have been made to his present was taken with a decision in the railroad company on the extension of July 24, 2017 (APPROVED) The board appointed the followin~ was established when the merger took assessment. Allen will contact Pease and affirmative. The board resumed the electricity to the transfer station(under Present: A1 Pfeifer, Fred Cook, residents to the Town Forest Manage- place with Merchants and Community show him that his concerns and changes regular meeting at 8:17 p.m. Avotewas ment Committee: Bob Beaulieu, Mary Bank. Lisawas giVen a new resolution for were addressed, taken with a decision in the aff'u'rnative to theaboutrailroad$25,000.tracks.) The cost would be PeggyDelsieBurden,H°Yt' SteveListerMalinoski; visitors: Collins, FrankTagethoff, SamCalley, and the Board to approve which will AdamsaskedAllenhisopiniononthe seal the minutes ofthe nonpublic session. Cathy McGrath mentioned that she The meeting was called to order by Diane Norton. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m. The board received an email from the collateralize our reserve money just like NH Department of Revenue Inspection heard at a recent LMPA meeting that Delsie Hoyt at 5 p.m. Zoning Administrator regarding zoning Merchants Bank did. of his yearly assessing. Allen stated he thereisaloggerinterestedinthepurchase New business-Set 2017 Tax Rate: Lisa mentioned that she needs to foundtheinspectionsatisfactory. of the Putnam property. Town zoning ListerPeggyBurdenprovidedadditional violations on the Guiding property on borrow $50,000 from the Union Bank Smith asked if there had been any ordinances and the clean water require- clarifying information received from Perini Road. - - -- ments would need to be met by logging Property Valuation and Review and The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m. Line of Credit and would like the progress integrating the assessing pro- selectboard to approve this request. This gram with the tax program. Allen stated operators, retrieved details concerning exempt was approved, that this was in the hands of the tax ANNIVERSARY REVUE Board orders/correspondence-The properties from the CAMA system. Lisadiscussedthefinancialquestion- collector and would probably be ad- ST. JOHNSBURY--St. Johnsbury board orders and correspondence were Delsie Hoyt's draft rate calculations naire on office procedures. She had dressed inher2018 budget request. Players present 80th Anniversary Revue presented for signature, were reviewed and confirmed, emailed each selectboard member this OldBusiness-BoardReports:Smith onAug. 17and 18at7:30p.m.,andAug. The board voted to go into executive The board voted that the selectboard July 20, 2017 (UNAPPROVED) questionnaire last week to review this reported the Planning Board voted for a 19at2p.m. intheSt. JohnsburySchool session at 7:45 p.m. The board came out setthe2017TownTaxRateat.8315per Select board Members in Atten- document for meeting. This questionnaire contract with Plymouth Resilience Auditorium. Tickets ate $10, $8 for ofexecutive session at S p.m. $100 of assessed property value which dance: Wade Johnson, Sr., Deborah needs to be completed annually. Lisa Planning on an as needed basis until students and seniors. Advance sale The board voted to adjourn the computes to a total non-resident tax rate Jurist, Mary Grant; Attendance for the handed out the completed questionnaire December. The Planning Board also tickets availablethrough Catamount Arts. meeting at 8 p.m. of 2.4727 or a total Homestead Tax Rate meeting included: Debra Johnson, Brent for the Select Board to look at and it was voted to send a letter from Chair, Jim For more information contact (802) 748- of 2.8155. Smith, LiseShallberg, MarkShallberg, signed. McGoffto the Community Development 4002,orcheckoutSt.JohnsburyPlayers The board voted to sign the tax Carrie Peters, LisaHart, JimCilley, Linda LisasaidthatLindaNunnhadsigned Advisory Committee regarding the Facebookpage. warrant. Nunn, lenniferBone, Aaron Smith, Brian the PO for the AED and the AED was planning boards stand on the Orford There being no other business Wohlleb purchased and Lisa said it is now time to Academybuilding. wamed, the meeting was adjourned at 6 Mary Grant called the meeting to move the money from the Food Shelf to Adams reviewed UVLSRPC and p.m. order at 6:30 p.m. the General Fund and Lisa asked the Plymouth Resilience submittals of their The board voted to approve the Board to sign the Warrant to do so. This scope ofworkand felt the PlanningBoard