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November 12, 2014     Journal Opinion
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November 12, 2014

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Page IOI-JOURNAL OPINION---November 12, 2014 "Upper," Dr. Trbovich said. "And by the way, putting ID on a denture is becoming more common, and some day, this technology will solve this type of problem immediately, like the ID chip vets insert in a dog in case he gets lost." Dad retold the story over again to each of the other three dentists in our town. All of them agreed to go through their files and contact their patients who wore dentures. I felt much more confident that we'd find the owner in the next few days. Meanwhile, Roscoe seemed to forget about his adventure and went back to his lazy ways of lying in the sun by the window. He didn t look around for his treasure and was content to play with his own toys. And best of all, he didn't leave the yard again. Everyone in our family also seemed to forget about the teeth, except me. Each evening as I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the sink, I'd look at the denture plate, still in a plastic bag, that Mom left on the kitchen hutch shelf. Someone needed those teeth and was wondering over and over again where they were. And then one evening, when I looked over at the hutch, I was shocked. The bag with the denture was gone... See Chapter 6 in the next issue of the Journal Opinion! Story by Frances Milburne Illustrated by Liv Aanrud A Dawn McBride NIE Coordinator, Watertown Daily Times Feature of NIE Institute www,nieinstitute.org CHAPTER 5: Visiting the Dentist The story so far.,. Belle and her family are working to find the owner of the denture plate that their dog Roscoe brought home after a few days of wondering. They first checked with the neighbors and then put an ad in the paper. Grandma visits and Belle learns she wears a denture plate too. The ad appeared in Wednesday's newspaper with a big caption MISSING YOUR DENTURE? I came home from i school, and expected the phone to ring immediately. But the house phone remained silent. Surely, whoever was missing teeth would check the paper. I begged the phone to ring. But it didn't make a sound all evening. For the first time, it hit me that we might not find the owner. "Listen, Miss..." Dad interrupted, looking at her nametag. "Rosa Butler, we are patients of hers. Andthis is important. It's a... dental The next day, Dad took me with him to visit our family dentist. Since Roscoe brought the teeth to me, Dad wanted me to be a part of the detective work. We arrived at Dr. Trbovich's office around 3:30 in the afternoon. The receptionist everywhere! The minutes passed. was writing on a pad when weFinally, the side door opened. Dr. Trbovich appeared, dressed in approached the window. Looking her white smock. "Hi Carl." She looked over at me. "And, Belle! You up, she slid open the little glass look bigger each time I see you." Her smile revealed a row of small, not door. Her curly red hair was puffy and stuck out to the sides. "May I help you?" She smiled showing very large, white teeth. Definitely not fake at her age... At least I didn't think so. Dad cleared his throat. "I'd like to talk to Dr. Trbovich about an important matter." "Do you have an appointment?" She tilted iher head and gazed very seriously at us matter." Rosa sighed. "Have a seat. I will check with her." She rose and disappeared behind the inner door. We sat in the middle of a row of chairs, Dad tapping his foot impatiently. I grabbed a magazine with a woman showing offher straight, white teeth across the cover. Teeth were quite so white teeth. Her hair was piled in a messy stack on the top of her head. "Rosa said you have an important matter. Come on back to my office." We followed her into a small room with a desk, and she motioned us to sit down in the chairs across from her. On the wall behind her, there was a poster of a striped cat showing off a perfect set of teeth. A model of a big tooth on her desk caught my eye, andI picked it up and examined it. "So how can I help?" Dad retold our story about Roscoe and his denture. As Dad explained the details, Dr. Trbovich started smiling, a twinkle in her eye. "I never heard of such a thing! Who would think a dog could through her window, steal someone's teeth." But then she got serious. "A denture can be very "' ~ "N0~ bufthis"should only e~pensive:i,~ up to $1600ia,plate." ~. ~ ~' ' take a few minutes. I can guaranteeDad whistled through-his teeth. "Didn't realize it was that ': ................... eXpengive!Bia~: we d[d-fi .......... ' ghe 11 want to 15~ar what ~ Have to gure some0ne must,be veryupset about ,the .... missing denture. We already put an ad in the paper, but so far, no one has called. Mr. Cordova from the paper asked if dentures have any identification, and that made me think I should contact all the dentists in town. I thought if you called all your patients who you've fitted with dentures, you could find out if say." Dad gave a reassuring smile. The receptionist frowned and sat up straight. "The doctor is busy with patients, and..." F m N Across 1. Japanese alcoholic beverages 6." have known..." (contraction) 10. Air 14. Cast out 5 "My I" 61 Calendar span 17. Gardener 19. Harden 20. Staying power? 21. Etches 23. Snarl 25. Ankle injury i 27. 'T' problem 28. A pint, maybe 29. "Cool!" 32. Bad lighting? m 36. Gun gamble (2 wds) 40. Sing like Bing anyone was missing their teeth..." "They are just beginning to put identification on dentures. But my patients don't have that yet." She folded her hands together. "I'm not sure how many patmnts I have in this situation. A lot... It would be some work." Dad and I watched her hopefully in silence. "But I guess I could do it. I wouldn't want any of my patients missing their plate. And it might lead to the owner." She looked up at Dad. "Of course if I find the owner, I can't give you their phone number. It's a privacy thing. You'll have to bring the denture in, and we'll return it to the pati%lt. Is it an upper or lower?" q have no idea. I'm not an expert on false teeth." Dad reached into his jacket pocket. "But I just happened to bring it along." He drew out a plastic bag and handed it over. "Don't worry, we cleaned the thing." m m 41. Beach bird 42. A hand 43. __jacket 45. Clippers 48. Entertainment recruiters (2 wds) 53. Short amusing opera 54. Esteem 58. Butts 59. Someone chosen to decide a disputed issue 61. #1 spot 62. Weaken 63. African antelope 64. Furnace output 65. "Planet of the " 66. English exam finale, often w .... Down 1. Transmitted 2. Chill 3. "or Man River" composer 4. Mint, e.g. 5. Breastbones 6." me?" 7. Macho guys (hyphenated) 8. Big ape 9. 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By ~989, communism was faltering in parts of the Soviet Union and border restrictions were eased, opening a hole in the Iron Curtain. East German dtizens began protests called the Peaceful Revolution. On Nov. 9, 1989, the East German government announced that it was easing restrictions on the K I LOGRAMPLAYSVN F I L LEDNTS I TEQOC U O L V i N C H W R G W t T H SSOLVEDRAMILKEA tTEMELSEMOVESSR! 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East and West Germany reunified into a single German nation, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Berlin became a single city on Oct. 3, ~99. The Berlin Wall was officially demolished beginning in June of 199o, although pieces small and large became collectibles and can be found in homes and museums. This Newspaper In Education feature brought to you by your newspaper and the Miss0uri Press Association. ON PAGE 14 5 8 1 7 3 9 8 6 2 2 2 7 1 5 5 9 1 7 3 2 8 7 8 3 7 2 9 5 9 7