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November 12, 2014     Journal Opinion
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November 12, 2014

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November 12, 2014--JOURNAL OPINION--Page 11 EDITOR'S NOTE: Selectboard minutes are printed here as a public service, at no cost to the town. Some boards have submitted approved minutes, while others are unapproved. The Journal Opinion reserves the right to edit the minutes it receives for length, to conform with news style, or for legal rea- sons. budget, number of water tests performed. The Heinz Trebitz asked if it is correct that trying to avoid a grievance, the town's labor contribution and costs for Old Business- Board Reports: Board discussed the e-coli problem this the current lease with the Upper Valley Police Officer Rogers commented a future grant. The application is due Oct. Adams reported on the September 30t" past summer and cautioned Pease that Fish and Game Club is up in 2015. Stuart that the issue involves two conflicting 31. The board felt that project may be Oct. 13, 2014 (UNAPPROVED) meeting regarding the steel decking keeping the budget level funded would Rogers responded yes, however, the communicationsandtheyaretryingtoget premature at this time but thanked Hooke Attendingfortheboard:AllenLocke, loaned to the town by Tom Thomson. The enable the commission to authorize Upper Valley Fish and Game Club clarification. He repeated his prior for the info and thought these issues chair; Chris Groschner; Russ Pazdro; deckingwasdamagedwhentheNewcomb further testing if necessary for the requested the lease be renewed early comments. Laurie Ingalls asked if Sgt. should be a topic for the 2015 Town others attending: Karen Galayda, Lister; Hollow Bridge washed out and further summer of 2015. Pease agreed and because They have their Annual Meeting Tweedie was denied the bidding process, Meeting. Joe Blodgett, Road Foreman; Joseph damaged when removed from the brook, amended his request to remain level in February, 2015, so that they could let then she has a legitimate grievance. Donn Board went in to executive session at Nolin; Caroline Locke, WillLocke, Lynn DuBois & King were investigating the fundedforthecommissionbudget,their members know that their lease has Downey responded again that the 7:56p.m.andretumedat8:04p.m.witha Sciortino, Board Clerk. purchase ofused decking, but have found Tax Collector Budget: Louise Mack been renewed. Mik~Pomeroyindicated Selectboard needs to follow-up with legal decision to hire S. Garrow for the trash The meeting was called to order at none is available. Adams will speak with was not able to attend the meeting and that if the selectboard adopts the lease, it counsel and management prior to making position, subject to his passing the drug 7:02p.m. Thomson regarding alternatives as he submitted an updated request in writing, will be before February 2015.adecision.Hefurtheraddedthatthistype test and providing a valid CDL. Reports-Listers: Karen Galayda would like the decking replaced in kind. Tax Collector Fees-remain the same; Heinz Trebitz asked ifthere will be a of decision needs to be made after Alan Lyford will ask him to presented grand list changes for the Adams discussed the requested Deputy Tax Collector-Increase from public hearing on the proposed lease, sufficient dialogueandconsultationhas accompany himThursdayforthedriveto selectboard's approval. The board voted change in plans by Daniels Construction $1,000 to $2,000 due to having a new Stuart Rogers responded that the occurred. No decision can be made right the landfill site so'he is familiar with it. to approve the changes to the grand list to to place a crane on the east side of deputy willing to leam and take on more proposed lease will be made public, now. Garrow will be asked to work this correct the taxable value ofparcel #078- Newcomb Hollow bridge, and also their responsibility. Irebitz ended his comments by indicating Sheila Geoffrey brought up the rumor Saturday at the Durgin site as well. Craft 02055 and parcel #034-00452.request to have temporary power lines Mortgage Research-remain the same; that he would like to be able to make that was circulated that the goal was to will call for the testing. Highway Department-Joe Blodgett placed away from the crane area. Adams Office Supplies-remain the same; Post- comments once the proposed draft lease abolished the police department and it Lyford stated that Thrasher Con- presented a Class 2 Highway Grant to the will contact DuBois & King and Daniels age-Increase from $1,900 to $2,500 due is made public and he thanked the sorts of comes around by making the struction will be doing work on Vershire Board for signatures. The board voted to Construction regarding these requests, to increasing costs; Software-Increase selectboard, entire department unhappy. We want CenterRoadneartheMudgepropertythe approve the request for reimbursement Steketee reported that Creamery from $1,880 to $2,000 due to license Police OfficerRogers brought up the them to be happy and stay here. first week in November. forthepavingworkdoneonBrookRoad. Road Bridge re-decking is complete. The agreement;Training&Seminars-remain issue ofofficer shift changing schedules Donn Downey responded that a Meetingadjoumedat8:15p.m. Blodgett next went over different options total cost was higher than anticipated due the same and he mentioned that these issues were Selectboard Member making a public for selling the 1996Internationaltruck. toanadditionalten-inchincreaseinwidth Themeetingadjournedat6:55p.m.raised in August 2013 through a series of comment outside of the 18 Selectboard The boardvoted to accept the proposal to at the approach on each end ofthe bridge, email messages to the selectboard. He Meeting is not the voice of the board. sell the 1996 International truck to Bolduc Steketee will discuss the invoice charges suggested that the selectboard indicated Laurie Ingalls commented that likewise Auto Salvage for $2,500. with Graton Construction. that scheduling issues could be handled in- the public can express their opinions. Oct. 13, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. (AP- When questioned about signs for Adams stated that Oct. 1 was the house. The board voted to approve the PROVED) . prohibiting ATVs~on Corinth roads, deadlinefortworesidentstocomplywith Oct. 13, 2014(UNAPPROVED) Rogers continued by stating the following warrants #28:3 ($1,004.59); Blodgett responded that the Highway their agreement to clear out their illegal Present: Bradford Calhoun, Thomas change in leadership and discussions #38:2($21,769.36);#39:1($1,738,285); Present: Bev Ash, Fred Cook, Marilyn Dresser, Delsie Hoyt were had with 19 #40:1 $43,120.10 Department is working with worksafe junkyards. Smith was present and Stated Flannigan, Steven Hatch and James The meeting was called to order at traffic control on the design, will be that he is not in compliance and continues Bulger(SelectBoard),CynthiaFlannigan Interim Police ChiefRobinson to go Route 113 Project Update-Mike5:30p.m. orderingnine signs andtheywill beposted to try to clear his property. Steketee (Town Clerk/Treasurer) and Janice back to the schedule posted in the union Pomeroy reported that discussions Visitors/Hear and act on reports of soon. The board askedBlodgett to explain stated that Mr. Johnson was in Emerson (Administrative Assistant); contract. At that time, both officers had continue with VTrans Representatives. Town Officers and Committees-Last no objections to it. The shift schedule At this time, the town's preference to not year, there was a tree-poaching problem the pros and cons of asphalt vs. gravel for compliance. The board agreed to meet at visitors: Brooke Hayward and Peter change was posted 90 days in advance in widen the road approves to have been the Town Hall parking area. It was 5 p.m. on Oct. 22 to do a site visit to each Keene inthe Brushwood Forest The perpetrator decidedto put off the workuntil nextyear property. Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. accordance with the union contract, approved by VTrans. However, the was identified and was visited by the andtobudgetthemoneyfortheprojectat Wage and Benefit Discussion-The Visitors-Brooke Hayward (Delin- According to the union language with the gradientwithTheffordHillcontinuestobe Vermont State Police but no charges the budget meetings in November. The board postponed this discussion due to quent Tax Collector): The tax sale will CDA, we would have bidding for the anissue. An Oct. 8 meetingwiththe Head were brought by the state's attorney. board also discussed with Blodgett Cooley's absence, takeplaceonOct.27attheTownOffice, shifts for specific blocks of time by of VTrans and Sam VanDam and Jim Recently, some veneer trees were cut possible sites for a radio tower, cleaning New Business--Chris Crowley stated Tom Flannigan will represent the board, seniority. He further added the six-week Masland did occur, and stolen from West Fairlee's Brush- and maintenance to the town garage that he was present to represent Rusty Peter Keene (NEKWMD Represen-schedule that was posted involved flip- TownHall Water Issue Event-Stuart wood Forest and a neighboring land- furnace an~ work on Claflin Road Keith with regards to his email requesting tative) updated the board on the latest floppingtheshiftforspecifictimeblock. Rogers and Tracy Borst provided an owner, Chris Long, who has also had Last week, when Tweedie came back, overview on the water leak discovered timber stolen, identified the same scheduled for next year. that the board inquire about a legal waste district board o'f supervisors Police Officer Rogers approached over last weekend. The leak has been perpetrator by talking with mills which OtherBusiness-Townwebsite: Allen opinion, at no cost to the town, as to the information. Keene will discuss the Interim Police ChiefRobinson regarding occurring for a while and near the front deal in high-end (veneer) timber. Fred Locke distributed handouts onthree web merits of a constitutional challenge of board's questions regarding bids for a site proposals for the board to consider. A today's current use tax scheme. The hauler and the unit base pricing hybrid the possibility of switching shifts, in door, along with undemeath the stairwell. Cook spoke with Long who wants the description of services and costs from board stated that they wouldpostpone any system at the district meeting tomorrow, accordance with Section 4.05 given Contractors were brought in to fixthe leak Town of West Fairlee and other adjoining KeVaCo, GovOffice and AMCK Web & decision until Cooley was present. Highway-Road Report: Tom proper notice and avoiding an overtime and repair the damage walls and carpet, landowners to pressure the VSP and Print Design will be reviewed by the Crowley asked if the board would like to Flannigan updated the board on roadwork situations. Interim Police Chief Robinson including abating the mold. A claim has State's Attorney to bring charges. Cook board and a decision made next month review a draft letter from Keith, the board and equipment. McTaggart Road Bridge agreed to the shift change for one week, been filed with PACIF. No records or noted that Long is held in high esteem by regarding any changes. The board voted stated that they would review the draft repairs are done. however, the rotating shift schedule offices were affected by the water County Forester, Dave Paganelli who to rescind the town website action made letter. assists the town in managing Brushwood. would then be implemented. Police damage. Garage Door: The board voted to Officer Rogers continued that he feels The selectboard reviewed the pra- The board voted to support Chris Long in at the Oct. 7 meeting, pending further ChaseKlingsentalettertotheboard purchase a new door from Bigelow study ofthe matter, requesting that Dennis Streeter, Charles Garage Doors for a price of $2,126 that there has been a communication posed DPW Union Contract andhis efforts to bring the perpetrator to Town Crier-The board voted to Waterbury and Susan Kling be appointed including installation and in addition disconnect as to what was agreed to prior discussed p.otential changes to the union justice and give him allthe support that we by the selectboard and former Police contract. Jessica Easton and Mike can. Cook will keep in touch with Long extend the hours of the Administrative Perambulators for the Town. The board purchase a door opener. Chief, as long as the shifts were covered Pomeroy will be meeting with the and continue to update the selectboard. Assistant, Lynn Sciortino, to cover duties voted to appoint Streeter, Waterbury and Bridge Repairs: The board voted to . - . and no overtime occurred. Police Officer bargaining representatwes on Oct. 16. Review Financial Statements-Pro- hour°f the Town Crier at the rate of $12 perplus mileage ($0.56 per mile). Kling as Perambulators for the Town.Louise Mack submitted a statement Powderappr°ve new guardrails for the bridge Onspring Road from Lafayette for a Rogers 30 commented that he is currently Old Business-Senior and Affordable jections for 2014 year-end: Things are still School Board Vacancy-JosephNolin of account for the Old Town Hall with price of $4,400. Damage caused by the scheduled for days for the next six weeks Housing Committee Request for pretty much in line through the third and he prefers to work nights for this time Selectboard Approval of Project Ser- expressedDoyle,s termintereSton the schoolin fillingboardPamelafor six theregardst°taxes'Theb°ardv°tedt°abatetaxes for the Old Town Hall. automobile accident of $1,490 will be period, then he would be okay with vices: Agreement with Twin Pines quarter;showingtherethat willare unbudgetedbe zeroed outeXpenseSby the rn0fli~a~. ~ ~a~ ~b ~ ~i~ ?U~ ~? t~fi'~ Correspondence-AccountsPayab~e'. submittedcompany, to the driver s insurance ,~r~ig,~,~f~r~b,~f~!,!,~i,0.~sixweek£~ l_[~tsin~ Trust. The board voted to h:,~h~y~9,t1,~t~t1~t~fi~q~c;t~b~b[~3_v,~p,~" position in March. The board stated that The correspondence and accounts Caution Signs: Brad Calhoun will There would be zero costs associated approv~the'Pr~ojec't'Ser~i-cesAgreement grant once those funds are recewed. they will continue to contact Ken payable folders were reviewed and handle getting signs for the bus stop in with theswampofworkschedules. Both with Twin Pines Housing Trust and Plan for development of 2015 Schaffer to see if he is still interested in signed where necessary. East Topsham at the post office and for officersarehopingforclarificationonthis authorize Stuart Rogers to sign the Budget-Work on this will start next week thepositiOn.at the selectboard'sAn appointmentNov. 4 meeting.Will be made The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m. the comer by the Dow residence, issue and to iron-out a solution. 34 agreement, with the basics. Interim PoliceChiefRobinsoncom- New Police Chief-Mike PomeroyRoads=Renewal of highway con- Correspondence-The board received WEC: The board approved and mented that he posted the schedule that announced that a conditional offer has tract: There are no changes to the the new Corinth Flood Hazard Bylaws signed a permit for work on the Lime Kiln from the Planning Commission for Road. , the officers had voted on in the contract, beenmadetoRichardKingofSpringfield. review. The board will look into the Overweight Permits: The boaro He added that he had a meeting with The offer is contingent upon successful substance of the contract, exceptthatthe Town's insurer, PACIF, wants the towns timeline and procedures for the next Oct. 15,2014(APPROVED) approved permits for P&L Loggers ofVT Tweedie and Scott Cameron and they had background checks. The tentative start that contract out their roadwork to raise steps. . Members present: Tom Steketee, and B&N Trucking. cometo an agreement that they would go date is early Nov. 22. the insurance requirement from $1 million Themeetingadjournedat8:24p.m. John Adams, Anne DuncanCooley; General-Health Insurance: Steve to the schedule listed in the contact after Town ofThetford Mowing Report on to $2 million: Bl-ake proposes to maintain budget advisory committee: Paul Hatch updated the board on the meeting 90 days. • the Upper Valley Regional Landfill: The the same equipment rates for summer Goundrey, Ruth Hook, Bob Palifka; "he attended in Montpelier on Sept. 23. lnterim Police ChiefRobinsoncom- board voted to complete the mowing roads, but increase the winter roads Others present: Deborah Hadlock(Town The board voted to offer the same plan as mented that he had a conversation with report on the Upper Valley Regional contract by $3,500 to reflect increases in Officer Rogers and he indicated at that Landfill and submit the report to the Clerk), Jane Hebb, Sarah Putnam and last year. insurance, fuel and maintenance costs. O'ctJ81~20'14 (APPROVED) Brenda Smith (Elections~, Sue Klingand ,,Lister Position: Filling the open lister time that he preferred to work the day Vermont Solid Waste Management The board voted to renew the contract Carole Boynton (Free L~brary!, Ca|vina position was tabled, shift. Interim Police Chief Robinson then Program. The mowing was completed on increased by $3,500. Members present: Tom Steketee, Reznek (Treasurer), John O Brien & Delinquent Dogs: The board ap- posted the schedule for 90 days. Last Oct. 6 through 8. Nicomis coming ThursdayorFriday John Adams; others present: Chief Terry Brad McCormack (Parks and Play- proved the animal control officer issuing week, Officer Rogers told Interim Police Energy Committee Memorandum of to do the bridge joints; Green Mountain ChiefRobinsonthathedoesn'twanttogo Understanding with Ompompanoosuc Flagging wilt take care of the traffic Straight (Fire Dept.), Doug Hackett grounds), Ann Green (Planning Board), tickets to owners of dogs with delinquent on days. Interim Police Chief Robinson Community Trust for the Weatherization control. These expense will be covered by (Hanover Dispatch), Cicely Richardson Harry Pease (Conservation Commis- doglicenses. (Journal Opinion), Roger Hadlock sion), Sheri Clifford (Town Administra- . Dumpingat the Transfer Station: It responded to the request by stating to Program. The board voted to authorize the structures grant. • (Road Agent), Ruth Hook, David Smith, tor) has been observed that dumping is Officer Rogers should have come tohim Stuart Rogers to approve the Energy Old Business-Final draft revised Dog prior, since the schedule had been posted Committee's recommendation to enter Ordinance-tabled, will be ready for Oct. Administrator)Chris Crowley, Sheri Clifford (Town5:33Thep.m.meeting was called to order at handle°CCUrring after hours. Brad Calhoun will for 90 days. into a memorandum of understanding 20 meeting The meeting was called to order at Deborah Hadlock-Town Clerk Bud- Town Hall: The board voted to hire Interim Police Chief Robinson com- with Ompompanoosuc Community Trust Review revised draft of library and 5:30 p.m. get: Hadlock explained that the majority Martineau Electric to replace the stage mented that he compromised and came up for the Weatherization Program. historical society leases: Delise Hoyt will RogerHadlock-Road Agent: Hadlock of the Town Clerk's budget was level area lights for a cost of $1,240. with another schedule, looking at the stats ~Upper Valley Fish and Game Club have for Monday over the course of the 24-hour period. Working Group-The Upper Valley Fish New Business-Resignation of Town reported that there has been a delay with funded with a few exceptions. Deputy Correspondence-VLCTPACIF:The(Intentionally, left out the times). He and Game Club Working Group will meet Clerk/Treasurer:RhondaCook, whowill highwaygrading dUecrewtOhasrainingbeen weather.preparingThefor Town$2,500Clerk-Increaseddue to training andfr°mstate$1required'500 to Testingb°ard rewewedprogram, the Drug & Alcohol further commented that Officer Rogers on Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m. atthe Town Hall. be moving from Town, willberesigning as emailedhimandtoldhimtheofficershad CDL DOT Medical Card Policy and Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Tax paving of Archertown Road from Routel0to HighbridgeRoad, but met with some wereCertificati°nT°wnCl-erk Salary andFeesdiscussed as the board requested insuranceVLCT:The boardreviewedthe 2015renewal application, agreedto swamptheir shifts forthe week Procedures-The board discussed the Collector, Collector ofDelinquent Taxes, resistance from a h~omeowner with Hadlock research how other towns pay . Pro lectRewew~Theboardreviewed of Oct. 13-17. Interim Police Chief Oct. 13 Board Policy to require CDL Agent to Sell Reai Estate, and volunteer regards to clearing the right-of -way. their town clerks to possibly switch her the project review sheet/or construction Robinson agreed to the one-week swamp, DOT Medical Cards for all DPW Staff. website administrator effective as of the Hadlock asked the board to address this pay from fees to wages. Hadlock gave of a house on Crossroad in West but indicated that the posted schedule The board voted to approve the Oct. 13 end ofthe year. The board voted to accept would start on Oct. 21. Donn Downey Board Policy requiring DPW Staff to her resignation with deep regrets; Fred situation with the homeowner soon as theBoardandBudgetAdvisoryCommit- Topsbam. paving willbegin Oct. 15. The board tee a spread sheet indicating how other Request for Funds: The board asked for clarification that the schedule have a current CDL DOT Medical Card was posted for 90-days. Officer Rogers for employee safety precautions. All Cook seconded; passed. agreedthatTomSteketeewillspeakwith like towns compensate their clerks, reviewed requests from Clara Martin responded that it was posted in July 2014, selectboard members signed the board Hoyt consulted with VLCT briefly via the homeowner. Paul Goundrey discussed elected Center, Orange County Diversion Pro- ConsultationwithVLCT-procedures: Steketee asked about sand screening official versus town employee compensa- gram and VisitingNurse and Hospice for however, the effective day was Sept. 1. policy email to affirm proper procedures and quotes. Hadlock stated that he has been tion.TomSteketeeexplainedthatthisisa VT&NH. These will be put on waming Since, the union contract states a 90-day Thetford Covered Bridges-Laurie possible alternatives for filling these unable to find anyone in the area that matter of adequately bringing the town for Town Meeting. notice for shift schedule changes and it Ingalls asked about the status of repairs to positions. Hoyt emphasized the impor- provides this service. Having met the clerk s pay up-to-date as Orford is one of Financial-The board reviewed and was less than 90 days.the gable ends of the Union Village tance ofparticularly the Town Clerk and guidelines of the purchasing policy, two towns tfiat still pay the town clerk signed order #19 in the amount of Officer Rogers indicated that Sgt. Covered Bridge. Stuart Rogers re- Treasurer positions and the high skill Hadlock contacted Stacey Thomson to through fees only. Town Clerk Salary- $1,095,160.24 for accou.nts payable and Tweedie and an union representative met sponded that Daniels Construction is levels required for these functions. Hoyt begin screening Oct. 20. , Estimated increase from $1,500 to $6,985.64 for payroll, with Interim Police Chief Robinson and scheduled to work on the repairs during noted that this early notification gives the Hadlock reported that the highway $14,800; Town Clerk Fees-Increased Other-Budget Committee: The board discussed the extenuating circumstances. November/December Timeframe. Selectboard extra time to set required department willgradetheschoolparking from$10,500to$11,500;DogLicenses- asked Janice Emerson to contact We requested a fullg0-days before the Daniels Construction has already ac- qualifications, notify residents of the lot and road down to Route 10 at a cost of Will decrease due to not requiring as members of the community to serve on shift schedule change could be imple- quired the materials for the repairs. $125 per hour. lfadditionalhard-packis manydogtagsasinthepast. Hadlockwill the budget committee, mented on Oct. 13. During the month of Adjournment at 9:29 p.m. vacancy, and interview prospective applicants who must be legal residents of required it will be purchased by the give Clifford the new total for this line Meeting adjoumedat8:50p.m. September, the officers were out on vacation, soitwasn'tuntillastweekthat Vers-hire ,he Town ofWest Fairlee. All appointees school. ~tem; Training and Seminars-Increase willhavetostandforelectionattheTown Chief Terry Straight-Orford Volun- from $500 to $600 to take advantage of ~ ~ ~ the shifting schedules created the issue Meeting. teer Fire Department: Chief Straight additional training opportunities; BMSI /I II~I, I IJILi being raised. The officers are not Letter to community: This could requesting a change in the shift days and Oct. 14 (APPROVED) introduced Doug Hackett of Hanover Software-Increase from $2,000 to . possiblygointhenextTownnewsletter, Dispatch to explain the letter regarding $2,200 fee setby licensing. Oct. 13, 2014 (APPROVED) times, they are requesting the ability to In attendance: Vernal Stone-Chair, whichwillbegoingoutshortly.VLCThas theE9-1-1 network. Hackettexplained Jane Hebb, Sarah Putnam and Selectboard Members: John Bacon, swap shifts according to the schedule Marc McKee, Kathy Marshall, Alan no "job descriptions" forthe positions so thatwhenacommunitygoesintoisolation, Brenda Smith~-Voter Registration Bud- Donn Downey, Jessica Eaton, Mike posted. Section4.05oftheunioncontract Lyford, Gene Craft, Debra Kingsbury; the selectboard must establish its own meaning a communication cable has been get: Hebb explained that 2015 is an off Pomeroy, and Stuart Rogers (Chair);; does 20 allow for shift swamping or the guest: David Hooke, Karin Strassburger minimum experience/qualifications. This seniority bidding process is used. damaged and they are not able to make year for any State or Federal elections Community Attendees: Tracy Borst Back in session from Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. as well as advertising and interview calls on a land-line, the phone located at other than Town Meeting; therefore the (Town Clerk), Kimberly Edgar Donn Downey asked if the schedule There was a dog running at large at schedule will be discussed at the next the fire station which is on a separate budget is calculated for that one meeting. (Selectboard Assistant-arrived at 7:50 is set for this week. Officer Rogers Durgin site and duringFallFestivalatthe meeting. network will cover the following Steketee discussed the possible need for p.m.), Dawson Geoffrey, SheilaGeoffrey, responded yes. Donn Downey indicated Town Center Building on Oct. 11. Joe P mThe meeting was adjourned at 6:28 • communities in case of an emergency alaptopcomputertohavewhenelections Jill Graft (Town Treasurer), Laurie that the Selectboard would like to take Cullinanphoned inhiscomplaintat3:37 during isolation, Orford, Fairlee, Bradford, are held at the school. Hebb stated that Ingalls, Joanne Kirstin, Jim Lanctot, some days to research this shift 24 p.m. on Oct. 11. Board reiterated that " " West Fairlee and Vershire. would be helpful for any required updates. Kathy Ouellette, Interim Police Chief schedule issue. The officers agreed to the they must receive a written complaint Straight distributed September's ac- Susan Kling and Carole Boynton- Doug Robinson, Stuart Rogers (Police suggested plan. tivityreport, meeting minutes, reported Free Library Budget: Kling requested that Officer), Heinz Trebitz and Bridget Sheila Geoffrey asked why are there with a witness also stating the same incidents. Gene Craft outlined fines for Forest group opens that the department is averaging ten calls the Free Library appropriation be Tweedie (Police Officer). so many major changes occurring now first and continued offenses. before the new Police Chief starts and Anotherdogcomplaintwasreceived student contest per month and that two fire fighters are in increased from $8,335 to $9,235 due to Stuart Rogers called the meel;ing to she suggested that we leave things the from a resident jogging on Route 113 by their third week of Level I classes that will increased maintenance, heating costs and order at 7 p.m. go through March. The rescue truck the cost ofsnow removal. Also discussed Heinz Trebitz spoke about the Upper way that they are until the new Police the Duggan property. Marc McKee will RUTLAND---The Vermont Wood- required service in excess of $2,000; was the need to remove the trees and Valley Fish and G~une Club. He hears Chief starts, askthejoggerifshewishestofileaformal lands Association has announced its Donn Downey commented that we complaint. 2015 Working Forests Essay Contest there are no records for when the truck brush behind the building. Clifford will shooting from the range and his dog gets offered the Interim Police Chief the was last serviced. McKee updated the board that he had for Vermont high school students. The Straight is working on the budget obtain quotes for tree removal and scared. He recognizes that he is a clearing the brush, latecomer to the lease renewal, however, approval to make the changes that he conversed with WEC about costs for essay contest is open to all high school items requested by the Board; he has CalvinaReznek-TreasurerBudget: hehasreviewedtheminutes.Hehasbeen deemed appropriate for the department, electric to be brought in at the Durgin site. students in Vermont. received 911 maps from Dispatch. He Reznek reported that the Treasurer's looking for the draft lease and it is not Interim Polioe Chief Robinson re- Thediscussionthenledtopurchaseanon- Students should write, in600words attended aFEMA ~rant writin~ workshop budget would remain level for 2015 posted on the town's website. He feels sponded that the changes that were made electrical propane unit tor the cottage, or less, an answer to the question, "Why were occurring to the union contract. The board voted to purchase the unit and Are Forests Important to Me?" Essays in Littleton and wall be applying fortwo except for Training & Seminars would that in order to make intellectual Both officers commented that they contact Perry's to install and supply the should discuss how economic factors grants this year. Chief Straight would like decrease from $250 to $100 as no training comments about the draft lease, he needs to form a grant writing committee sessions were scheduled for the year. to see the draft lease publicly posted He wanted input in the scheduling of their fuel tank. shifts. Officer Rogers continued by consisting of himself, Tim Hebb, Josh JohnO BrienandBradMcCormack- commentedthatthecurrentleaseisnotup ~ David Hooke came in hoping to build such as property taxes, strong markets Hickman, MichaelGilbert, ChiefKilmer, Parks and Playgrounds Budget: forrenewaluntilnextyear, sothereistime stating that he specific preferences for akioskattheDurginSitefortowninfoand for wood products, trucking costs, Anne Cooley, and Faith Knapp. The McCormack stated that the Parks & for negotiationonthe new lease, the scheduleandtohavetheopportunity future trail information. He also passed health insurance costs, logger availability board agreed. Playgrounds budget would remain level Heinz Trebitz would like to know the tobid. Both officers will workthe shifts along grant information for trails. The3 and other issues affect land use listed in the union contract, however, they items of his focus were: 1. Trail decisions. The winning essays will be Straight asked if Orford had an with the exception of Electricity which timetable for the decisions being made wouldliketohavetherighttoswampthe~r development/planningstudy.JohnMorton researched and well written. ordinance with regards to visible 911 would increase from $450 to $500 due to about the Upper Valley Fish andGame shifts, in Thetford is a design expert and may A panel of judges will award cash numbers on residence to make location the anticipation of a bandstand and need Club new lease. easier for first responders to an for electricity f or concerts. The board Stuart Rogers responded that the assistwithatrailsgrant.Itwouldbenice prizes to the top three essays selected. emergency. The board stated that there discussed work on the playground and the draft lease has not been posted yet and A woman spoke about the union to extend a trial from Durgin down to the First prize is $1,000, second prize is was no such ordinance, but Clifford will possibility of grants to complete the area. there have been enough contract being_~mdelines and that if there PO. $750 and third prize is $500. speak with NH 911 with regards to Cooley will speak with JJ Hebb regarding questions raised by neighbors, the are only two otlicers , they should be able 1) Does the Town wish to purchase Submit the essay to protocol. Straight stated that the truck grants; Conservation Committee, and others to swamp their shifts. She added that they the kiosk at half the normal cost of info@vermontwoodlands.orgormailto O Brian reported that he hopes to concerned. The board formed the Upper (police officers) are in agreement, just $1,450-(offered to Town at $700) Vermont WoodlandsAssociation, P.O. committee is close to having a draft of have aveteran's monument some-where Valley Fish and Game Club Working give it to them. Ifthey are unhappy, they 2)Open up the idea of a pavilion Box 6004, Rutland, VT,05702.Include specs prepared for the board's review on the common near the bandstand, but Group consisting of various groups and will go someplace else. Donn Downey behind the Town Center Building for name, address, daytime phone number commented that the effort is not to make cover over tables and for outdoor events and school name onthe submission. All and then j~ut it out for bid. 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