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December 13, 2017     Journal Opinion
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December 13, 2017

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Page 1 O---JOURNAL OPINION--December 13, 2017 • EDITOR'S NOTE: Selectboard minutes are printed here as a public service, at no cost to the town. Some boards have submitted approved minutes, while others are unapproved. The Journal Opinion reserves the right to edit the minutes it receives for length, to conform with news style, or for legal rea- sons. Minutes submitted more than two months old will not be published. Wayne Godfrey submitted proposed ofamaster plan for the dump that includes Discussion of Updated Town Health 2018 budgets for Transfer Stationand gates and fencing at access points. InsuranceOptions-Theselectboarddis- Selectboardaboutthetaxationofthesolar Trash dumping near the mines land Animal Control Officer. There was a Berger suggested that the selectboard cussed offering employees of the Town installation. Rogers will contact the was discussed. Craftinformed the Board Oct. 21, 2017 (APPROVED) discussion regarding the expected in- pass an ordinance creating specific hours insurance plans from both MVP and Blue Stratford Selectboard and invite them to a and Lyford that the Garage Task Force Selectboard members present: Randy creases in some fees that are out of our for the dump and after hours is considered Cross Blue Shield• Thetford Selectboard meeting, was trying to organize a meeting in Subjeck, ColinStubbings, DonaldMitchell control, illegaldumping. McGrath suggested that There was discussion about the rate Upcoming Mtg. w/Upper Valley November now that the wetland Selectman Colin Stubbings started Bernadette Ratel presented a pro- the policy could include a key from the increases. The board voted to offer all Ambulance-Upper Valley Ambulance delineation maps had been completed. the meeting at 9:05 a.m. posed 2018 town clerk budget. There was town administrator for the brush dump, insurance plans from MVP and BCBS to has requested some time on an upcoming The board reviewed and approved a Bernie Marvin submitted a proposed a discussion regarding some changes and, also, at the brush dump site, a sign, a thetown employees for open enrollment, Selectboard Agenda. letter to State Representative James EMD budget for 2018. There was a made to the budget, surveillance camera, and police follow- starting Nov. 1 and ending Nov. 30. Review of Annual Evaluations Masland, copies of which will also be sent discussion regarding the need to update CeilStubbingspresentedaproposed up. Barrett stated that a gate could be Old Business-MOU w/VTrans for (Anticipated Executive Session) and to both the Enforcement Division ofthe the Emergency Operations Plan. The 2018 tax collector budget. Therewasa included in 2018 budget. McGrath Crosswalk FlashingBeacon:Theboard Legal Update (Anticipated Executive DMVandtheANR. update to the Plan will be similar to the brief discussion, suggested that a brush dump policy letter voted to authorize the Selectboard Chair Session) Orders reviewed and signed. Hazard Mitigation Plan; it will be done Gary Hebert presented a proposed be written and presented to the to sign the MOU with VTrans for The board found that premature, Meeting adjoumed at 9:10 p.m. through MAPS, June Gameau and will be 2018 police department budget. There selecthoard for approval,maintenance for the Crosswalk Flashing general public knowledge of legal reimbursed through grant funds, was a brief discussion. Purchasing Policy-McGrath stated Beacon on Thetford Hill. personnel would clearly place the Marvin is still working on the There was a discussion with Frank thattheobjectiveofthepurchasingpolicy LoanPaperworkSignaturesforNew municipality involved to suffer at a ambulance coverage for East Piermont. Rodimon and the Board regarding the is to control spending. Wolf-Ludwig DPW Truck: The board voted to sign substantial disadvantage. The board At least one life has been saved due to the laundering/mendingof statedthatapprovalforpurchasingitems financial paperwork to purchase DPW votedtodiscusspersonnelinanExecutive Nov. 1, 2017 (APPROVED) quick response by WWAS to the East uniforms for the highway depart- shouldn'tbeneededforspendingthathas Truck #4 replacement, which is on the Session per Discussion ofMatters as per Members present: John Adams, Paul Piermont area. We really need to ment. already been budgeted. Hinsley pre- Capital Equipmentschedule. The board 1 V.S.A., subsection 313, paragraphsA Goundrey, David Smith; budget advisory continue this additional ambulance ser- Themeeting endedat 12:50 p.m. sentedpurchaseorderpoliciesfromother The board voted for the Selectboard l&3. At 10:15 p.m., the board voted to committee:BobPalitka, KelleyMonahan, vice. towns. Chair to sign the financial paperwork for exit Executive Session.) No action taken Lawrence Hibbard, Paul Carreiro, Ruth The patriotic budget will remain the Old/unfinished business-Town Ad- the purchase, at this time. Hook; others present: Sheri Clifford same as last year. ministrator Orientation: Cathy McGrath Annual signature for MOU for 10:16-Meeting adjourned. The budget work session was called JohnMetcalfdiscussed his proposed presented a document outlining the NI~RA Northeast Resource Recovery: to order at 5:30 p.m. budgets for recreation, town grounds, Nov. 9,2017(APPROVED) orientation procedure for the Town Association for Recycling. The 2018 budget-Paul Goundrey ex- cemeteries and sewer. Selectboard members present: Chair- Administrator. GeorgetteWolf-Ludwig selectboard will confirm hauling costs plained how he and Smith had reviewed The swimming pool on Bean Brook man Stubbings, Randy Subjeck, Donald noted thatthe board clerk introductions be before signing the MOU. what had been received for the 2018 Road may need to be thoroughly cleaned Mitchell; others present: Suzarme added because there is such a close . Discussion of adjusting Monday Oct. 31, 2017 (APPROVED) budget requests. They decided not to and have increased testing of the water Woodard, Rob Elder, Susan Belyea relationship. Walker added that a town Meeting Time for Budgets: The board In attendance: Selectboard members discuss wages until all board members quality. Chair Colin Stubbings called the tour be included. Barrett. suggested that voted to adjust the Regular Selectboard Vernal Stone & Marc McKee. From were present and due to the Oct. 29 storm The sewer budget will see some meeting to order at 7:05 PM and thewelcomingreceptionbemovedupto meetingstarttimeto6p.m.fromthefirst TRORC: Peter Gregory, Victoriathe budget has not been completed as changes once a new operator is hired, apologized for the late start. He stated the beginning of the orientation period• Monday in November through the third Littlefield, Michael Storace. Others: Pat planned. There will be increases in that the meeting was being recorded for Berger suggested that time be blocked out Monday in December to consider the Barnes, Neil Hochstedler, Eleanor Zue, Palifka asked if other issues could be training, certification and mileage the sole purpose of accurate minutes and for orientation procedure to make sure it 2018 budget. Ruth Payne, Eileen Murphy, Debra discussed, such as where things stood expenses, others in the room may be recording, but is completed. AnnualEmployee EvaluationDiscus- Kingsbury, Gene Craft. with hiring a Police Chief. Adams FrankRodimonsubmittedaproposedhave not declared that fact. Chairman Arts Advisory Committee-McGrath sion (Anticipated Executive Session): Town Plan hearing called to order at explainedthejobisbeingadvertisedand budget for the highway department. Stubbings also stated that during a work asked the Board if she should ask The board found that premature general 7 p.m. the town is contracting with the state There was a discussion with the board sessionpublicinputwillonlybeallowedif Elizabeth Wilson to send invitations to public knowledge ofthis personnel review The Planning Commission held aPolice to patrol until a chief is hired. He regarding a few individual line items, agreed upon by the board, prospective members for the arts wouldclearlyplacethepersoninvolvedat public hearing on Sept. 13 at the Town pointed out that the highway department The meeting ended at 12:45 p.m. MS-434 - Stubbings gave an advisory committee. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. a substantial disadvantage. At 9:18 p.m., Center Building. The input from that crew was also depleted and with the two overviewoftheMS-434 and how the tax notedthatElizabethWilsonwasaskedto the board voted to discuss Annual meeting was included in the plan that now storm events were not able to complete rate is set by DRA. The make plans for the committee herself and Personnel Reviews and have General comes before the selectboard. Eleanor planned projects. Board reviewed the revenue reports report her findings to the Selectboard. Discussion in an Executive Session per 7.e a~ke.d if tha tnwn ~tati~tie~ fnr Palifka asked of any large expendi- provided by Susan Belyea, Assessing [Georgette Wolf-Ludwig left the Discussion of Matters as per---.----- ................. : ..... • housing umts had changed much smcethe tures on highway trucks. Adams said Oct. 24, 2017 (APPROVED) Clerk/Bookkeeper. There was a lengthy meetingat7:33p.m.] 1VSA.subsectlon313p_aragraphsAl&3. lastplan.Kingsburyrepliedthatadditional there were a few, but not high ticket Members of Selectboard present: discussion regarding the estimated Highway Grants--Cathy McGrath TheboardvotedtoexitExecutiveSession• • . . oropertneshavebeenbulltuponandother items. However, it was discovered that Chairman Colin Stubbings, Selectmen revenues for the remainderof2017, stated that they are now tracking grants in at 10"16p m.Noactiontakenatthistime.. • "-',t, ..... ~u~:~" .~twt" ........ m~ ~u~ ~,,"*t" ....... ,~,, the one-ton will not pass inspection next At 10 17 p m, meeting adjourned Randy Subjeck, Donald Mitchell; others Additional Items- Stubbings added Excel• Berger stated that the file should • • • 1~ F' ~ v .... adjacent landowners, bringing the total year without extensive rust work. present for the meeting (from sign-in the following: Barton Road Bridge- NH beashareddocumentandthatitcontains __ taxable parcels to 499 units at present. Hook questioned the amount of sheet) - Tim Cole, SusanBelyea,Abby DOT hasapprovedthefinalreimburse- someduplicationofinformation.McGrath , .~m • p m This includes both residential and money going into fire department Metcalf, Helga Mueller, Gary Hebert, ment request at 80 percent, added that the last date reviewed should lr~ ~_111'I[~ r~pl unimproved land parcels, equipment, and felt the board should be Bruce Henry, Heather Subjeck, Frank The list ofexcess inventory from the beonthedocument.McGrathwilldiscuss 0m mvm, m,~m,~m Kingsbury noted that there were sure not to over spend on equipment that further with Chris Brimmer, originator of Nov 6, 2017 (APPROVED~ several minor corrections, as to where the may or may not be needed. Rodimon state did not seem to have anything we are the document. . • - - • Chair Colin Stubbings called the interested in. Monahan pointed out the Cemetery meetingtoorderat7:01p.m. CPR-JenRugarwilltalkwithBemieHousing Update-McGrath statedSelectboardMembersPresent:James redemption bottles/cans funds go, no Departments' Input-EMD: Bemie Marvin to set up the CPR course for that she has communicated withAndrew Dixon, Jessica Eaton, Stuart Rogers, Li longer to holiday baskets, but to the Commission needs to manage their Marvin stated that power has been employees and town officials that are Winter from TwinPines Housing Trust to Shen, Douglas Stone; Others Present: VF&R, an.d that the historical wing was budget better and budget for the amount restored to all of Piermont following the interested, discuss the housing study inventory; Tracy Burst (Town Clerk), Jill Graft competed m2004, not 2000. Murphy an.d of time required to complete necessary outageearlierinthedayduetohighwinds. Plow truck- Stubbings stated we need ~nwever, she has not heard back from (Town Treasurer), Martie Moses Lue questioned the average e.zectr.lc work. Adams will look into this as it is (Selectboard Assistant); Community consumpuonper household, and Victoria flexible whenthejob begins and ends due Marvin is continuing to work with Ellen to look at the original lease agreement to Members Present" Bill Huff. Laurie Llttlefield ofTRORC wdl double check to weather. Putnam, Captain of FAST Squad be certain there is an escape clause that Board orders and correspondences- Inc, alls Mike Aver, Rene LaB'ranch the statistic and revise as needed. The Adams explained the Board will be regarding training for volunteers, can be utilized. Jen Rugar will speak to The board voted to sign the invoice for the ~' Stuart Rogers c'~alled the meetimz to TRORC attendees noted that the Energy drafting a warrant article to change the HighwayDepartment:FrankRodimon FrankRodimonaboutit. proactive maintenance agreement with order at 6"07 ~m " and Clean Energy clauses had been capitalreservefundforbridgesandroads stated they will be renting a small Stubbings read an email sent by Clay Alliance Mechanical for $1,488. The • -" • excavator from Stacey Odell from Upper Valley Ambulance board voted to sign the invoice for All Start of 2018 Budget Discussions- expanded and updated, to an expendable trust to deal with Thompson for removing one of the outlining the 16percentincreasefor2018. Access (Treasurer's) laptop warranty. TherewasdiscussionwithBillHutfabout Michael Storace explained the flood emergency situations such as these past employee health insurance, and how to resil!ence aspect and it's incorporation of two storms. Monahan felt the public four beaver dams from an area on Indian Jen Rugar will ask Mr. Odell to attend an The board voted to signthe invoice for the create a system that is transparent and erosion and flood piton areas; Th~s ~s an should be well aware of the condition of Pond Road that is causing potential upcoming board meeting to discuss the ProLiant ML350 G9 Tower Server. issues. While they have the excavator, increase and how Piermont is represented [Lisa Hinsley and No~l Walker left reneatable area that snoum De anaresseu on mture our bridges and road after these events. some maintenance will be done on Bean on the Upper Valley Ambul.ance board, the meeting at 8 p.m.] " Theboardvotedtosettheactualcost building permit applications• Murphy Carreiro asked how the committee increases for a split contribution of 55 commented that she had read the plan could assist the Board. Smith stated the Brook Road/Cole Hill Road. ChiefHebert had forwarded an email The selecthoard moved into execu- l~ercent town/45 percent employee for through and found, for the most part committee could support the warrant McDevitt has offered $29,000 for the regarding the required Department of tive session at 8:05 p.m. The selectboard health insurance, general upuates anu items mat pernaps article to change the bridges and roads plow truck. We still have three more Labor posters inthe moved out of executive session at 8:41 The selectboard discussed costs the-legislatu'a~.-tcGl_.u_ir~e.s- .,~ ....... ftmdt°anexpendab!etruSt~ ..... payments to make on the truck, so workplace.Stubbinggstatedwehave p.m,